WIN A #CTmeetup Goody Bag

One thing that really stood out for me at the #CTmeetup was not only the budding of friendships and putting faces to twitter handles, but how amazing our sponsors were.


They really came to the party in a big way and I am so very thankful to each and everyone of them for making our get together even more perfect.  Not only are the brands approachable, but the people behind the scenes are friendly and such a pleasure to work with.

If you weren’t there I am sure that you are suffering from a small case of FOMO of the whole experience.  Although I can’t bring the enlightening discussion to you now, I can do something that should ease the pain of not being there…

I’m not about to let you go unspoiled – because our sponsors are cool like that.

You may not have made it to the meet up but you have a chance to win one of the bags filled with lovely things.



Obviously you’ve been dying to know what’s inside and I don’t blame you.  So without further blurb from me, let me tell you what you will find inside your bag:

  • A Ring To It – 20% off vouchers on the most gorgeous silver and gold jewellery (You can view her collection via Twitter or Instagram – both @aringtoit)
  • Tribe Coffee  – Box of coffee beans and filter coffee from my much loved coffee brand of choice
  • My Smart Kid  – Cute little felt owl (that my girls have already adopted as part of the family)
  • Grootbos  – Pot of their honey although they offer much more than that at their 5 Star Private Nature Reserve
  • Saszli Chocolates  – The yummiest chocolate truffles – I’m still dying for another taste of the Berry Rosa!
  • Tip Top Nails  – 2 colourful nail polishes because you can never have too many!
  • Heart And Home – We were spoiled with a selection of either party straws, paper garlands or pretty serviettes – perfect to entertain with (guess where I’m going for our next party)
  • Lucky Brand – 20% off voucher at Edgars V&A Waterfront or Canal Walk (Mama needs new jeans!)
  • Optiphi – A range of quality skin care products that leaving your feeling pampered
  • John Frieda – Full Repair Hair Treatment (I can’t wait to try this!)
  • Romeo Foxtrot – (@romeofoxtrotdesigns on Instagram) – Bracelet in various designs.  IMPORTANT to note that she is currently running a cool competition on Instagram that if you @ her in a picture of your jewellery, you could be voted a winner and get another bracelet.
  • Coeval Contemporary Jewellery  – The niftiest little handbag clip that will always be in my bag waiting to be used – floors are so gross.
  • Wakaberry – The prettiest iphone 5 cover for you or a friend if you don’t happen to have an iphone 5 😉
  • Revlon – Mascara and lipstick – need I say more!
  • The Galileo Open Air Theatre – Tickets for 2 (including blankets and chairs) – can’t wait to use this for a date night!
  • Macaroon – 10% off on orders via their website – stationary specialists, enough said right?!
  • Thyme Spa  – Vouchers for use in any spa treatments of your choice (yes please!)

These pictures don’t really do the sponsors justice, so keep an eye out on my Instagram and the #CTmeetup hashtag to see them all in action.





Now to win – all I am going to ask you to do is either share this on Facebook or via Twitter and leave a comment on this post as to which one you did.

To share on Facebook or Twitter just tap the icons at the bottom of the post – make sure to keep in my handle and website link.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

If you want to click through to all those links above and give the sponsors a bit of extra love, then give yourself an extra little pat on the back because you are all kinds of cool.

Competition available to SA residents only and closes on Friday 15 August (I don’t want the truffles or coffee to sit for too long – you need to taste them!)

180 thoughts on “WIN A #CTmeetup Goody Bag

  1. Suffering from severe fomo for missing out on this awesome event, hopefully there will be a next one! Shared on twitter @nabster1412

  2. Serious so disappointed my injury kept me away and then I got the green light to be off bed rest a day before #CTMeetUp but guess what tickets were sold out…But seriously I knew they would be…Sharing on twitter as @invisable_ct and on Facebook as Candice Terblanche and following the brands I dint already follow

  3. I was at the event and it was AMAZING! I am not entering this because I want it all (although secretly I do), I am entering so that I can give it to my sister, and she can stop stealing my stuff!

  4. So sad I couldnt attend the #ctmeet but to be rewarded with a goodie bag even though just shows how we love one onother beyond appereances!! Love the blogger love… Tweeting @telmaglammedup

    Fingers Crossed 🙂 xx

  5. did all the sharing and liking stuffs.
    i’m beyond bummed i couldn’t make it, was really looking forward to it but sadly it fell on the same day as the minion’s 5th birthday party and apparently it’s non negotiable for the mother of the birthday boy to be at the party. wouldn’t mind winning the baggie so i can blog about the goods and at least pretend i was there.

  6. I’ve done both! Facebook & Twitter because I need to double my chances of winning this, on account of the fact that my trip to Cape Town was cancelled and I couldn’t attend! So bummed! But here’s hoping…..

  7. Woweeee! This is totally amazing, and I would love to win…I have shared on Twitter with the Twitter handle @Roxi_23

  8. WOW, these sponsors really know how to love and spoil a mommy! So sorry to have missed this one and hope to be lucky enough to win a Goody Bag! I have shared this on Facebook, google thingy majiggy and tweeted… Boy oh Boy is this one sulky mommy that can kick myself for missing this one…. all those spoils woooo weeee! Holding thumbs, fingers, toes and ponytails! xxx

  9. Shared via Facebook. I was drooling over the prizes you mentioned in the goody bag. Man I could do with the spoiling so badly… holding thumbs crossing fingers and toes… lucky charm in my pocket.

  10. This would be such an awesome unexpected spoil, I shared on facebook and twitter, first time I have heard about the CTmeetup…

  11. Oh goody goody! (^^,?
    This is a super coOl prize I’m not going to lie! I’d be so LUCKY to be chosen to give it all a go!
    Yummy for my tummy and my space always has room for pretty things! 😉

    Shared on Facebook and twitter ❤

  12. Ah, blogger meets are always fantastic & the meetup looked so amazing! And ohmygosh – such awesome goodies!!! Gonna check them out on Insta.
    Shared on twitter as @saajida_a

  13. Since I’m finally going to be in Cape Town for one of your prize draws, I thought if enter. I’ve shared on Facebook. Well done on hosting a great event, I can’t believe how your blog had developed, you do such a great job!

  14. I shared on Facebook♡
    Would be so awesome to win! (The last competition I won was a drawing competition where I won a pizza. .. I was 9years old lol)

  15. So sad that I wasn’t able to make this! Shared on FB and Twitter because this is awesome and THE PEOPLE MUST KNOW 🙂

  16. WOW!! This is not a goodie bag but a treasure trove of fabulous finds from my fav suppliers 🙂 🙂 shared on FB & Twitter

  17. what a fantastic hamper 🙂 liled and shared on FB and twitter @dubbismurf

    holding fingers and toes to win this amazing hamper

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