I’m A Mom With Tattoos – Jodie Howe From “Howedoyoudo”

Welcome back to another installment in our series – I’m A Mom With Tattoos.  In case you have missed the last couple, don’t forget to check them out here.

ONE MORE SLEEP till the #CTmeetup.  It’s actually here and happening and as much as I can’t wait to be there, I am seriously struggling with what to wear!


Panic aside for a second.  Today let’s meet Jodie who designed her tattoo herself which I think it totally awesome.  It reminds me how much I love my “Seth” tattoo written in his handwriting – there’s something so special about having your own piece in it and not only the artists skill.

Let’s “Cheers” to a couple of shots to calm the nerves for tomorrow and then clear the fog with a good cup of strong coffee before we get stuck into reading.  *Cheers*

Your name and blog deets:  My name’s Jodie Howe and I blog over at Howedoyoudo

Your age: 31 but I still feel 30

Your Occupation: I’m a collateral administrator (read: skivvy) at the bank with the zebra.


Tell us about your family: I’ve been married to my varsity sweetheart for the last five years.  We’ve been together for thirteen years – since the first week of first year believe it or not.  We’re blessed to have the sweetest little boy Ethan, now two and a half years old and he has a sibling on the way due on Christmas Day.  So two December babies…talk about a tight December budget!!

If you work, tell us a bit more about your working environment – are you regularly in contact with new “clients/public”.  I work in the office all day, every day.  Minimal to no interaction with clients/public hence the odd lunch break out of the office – just to keep my sanity intact!!

Tell us a bit about your tattoo’s, what they are, why you have them, where they are located


My first is my little tramp stamp – I only found out that it was called that two years after I had it done! It’s my husband’s name on my lower back in Mandarin.  Well, I’m actually not sure whether it’s Mandarin.  I know it can’t be Chinese as there’s no language such as Chinese and I also know that it’s not just a silly sign that means something stupid but his actual name as I got a language translator to do it for me.  At any rate, I got it on a whim (well, as whimsical as I can ever get – I decided a few days before) when my two sisters went to get tattoos together.  My little sister was getting her first and my other sister, her second (I think – possibly her third at that time).  I didn’t want to be the old, boring sister, so I jumped on the bandwagon and got one.


My second one is the initial “E” for my son Ethan on my wrist.  I always said that when I got a child I’d get his/her full name inked on my wrist, but when I decided to finally do it, I thought the initial was prettier.  I can’t really say there was a really good reason that I had it done other than the fact that I think that a tattoo on a women’s wrist is very feminine and obviously, the importance is that it’s my son’s initial.  I also handwrote the initial myself and they (the people at the tattoo parlour) printed it and inked it on exactly like I’d drawn it, so I’m glad that the initial is handwritten by myself

How old were you when you got your first tattoo?  27-ish – I can’t remember the actual date or my exact age but I know that it was before I had my first child.

Which tattoo is your favourite and why? The one on my wrist probably because it’s more visible but also because I feel it’s very feminine.  I do intend on doing some more work on it in future as I think it’s a little bit bare as is but until I can decide, I’ll just leave it as is.

Do you plan on getting more?  Yup.  After my second child is born, I want to get his/her initial as well, and I’m toying with the idea of something in between my shoulder blades on my back but after that, I’ll definitely be done!

How do your family and friends feel about your tattoo(s)?  adversity because of them? My parents don’t love them!  But I guess there’s nothing they can do.  Funnily enough, when I decided to get my second one, I was scared to tell my mum even at the tender age of 27.  All three of us sisters have tattoos though, and my husband doesn’t have a problem with them so I guess I view it as my choice and I’m not worried about what anybody has to say about them.  My friends are indifferent – many of them don’t like tattoos but that’s a personal preference – they have no problem with mine.

What is the general reaction that “the Public” have towards your tattoos? Have you run into any negativity or adversity because of them?  Nope, no negativity.  Most people have commented on how nice the one on my wrist is and of course, my tramp stamp is always covered so nobody ever sees that.

Any advice for those interested in getting tattooed?  No, no advice but I do feel that if you want one, go and get one – it’s not the end of the world, it’s just a design on your skin

2 thoughts on “I’m A Mom With Tattoos – Jodie Howe From “Howedoyoudo”

  1. Jodie – I have all my daughters’ names tattooed on my heart – and your’s is right on top of my list. Love you to the moon and back

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