Must Love Milo

A couple of weeks ago Seth sent me a link for a sale that was happening on Superbalist.  The link was for a ring to replace his very broken (and thus not worn) wedding ring, but after checking it out I started browsing through the rest of the items in the store.  Obviously.  Because, SALE?!


With my birthday coming up in a couple of months I was starting to put together a little mental list of things that I could subtly slip into conversation with Seth.  When I spotted these Tea Cups I immediately sent the link through to Seth and told him how much I wanted it.

I’m all about subtlety you guys.

The wooden saucers and pretty pattern had me picturing tea parties and long chats with my girlfriends – what’s not to want.

With the seed firmly planted, I carried on with the rest of my day.

This is all pretext to clearly indicate my excitement when I actually attended the official launch of the Botanical Range of the Love Milo brand, held at the Nap Store in Cape Quarter.

We have often missioned to Cape Quarter over the years and every single time we wonder in to the Nap Store and drool over all their merchandise.  The style and feel of all the quality products leaves me figuring out ways to make more money – just so that I can spend it all there.  It makes perfect sense that they now stock Love Milo.

We all know that I love Milo (as in the drink) but let me be clear that I don’t only adore Love Milo because of their name.  What has always caught my eye over the year and a bit of pining over the various ranges, is that the pattern is not overdone.  I love that Nicki Ellis (the talent behind all these gorgeous things) is not afraid to have white space.  I love that the pattern is scattered, it’s balanced in an unbalanced way – if you know what I mean.

I really enjoyed being able to be part of the growth of such a beautiful and sustainable brand (Nicki only uses wood from alien trees).  We had a really fun night getting to know more about the brand, explore the Nap Store even more and meet so many bloggers in person.

And in case you missed it on my Instagram feed here’s some pictures of the evening.


bottany table












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