It Doesn’t Even Matter

You know when something really trivial happens and no one else notices, but to you it kind of feels like the World has stopped until you process those thoughts and feelings?

Something like that happened to me.  It happened probably two months ago but I still can’t shake the way it made me feel.  Swirling emotions of being attacked, ignored, ostracized, feeling angry, upset, embarrassed and just generally on edge.

I know you’re wondering what on Earth could have happened.  And I’m going to tell you, but only if you promise not to laugh.  OK, are you ready?

Someone blocked me on Twitter.

Stupid right?

Why would I even bother getting upset over something that really is so flipping trivial?

I can’t explain it.

I guess it’s rooted in the fact that I thought I was a fairly nice human being.  I don’t intentionally ruffle any feathers and keep to myself a fair bit.  Basically, I just feel like it is totally uncalled for and rude.  Which makes me want to expose the horrible side of this person to everyone else who seems to be blissfully unaware of it.

So many times over the last month or two I have wanted to vent my frustration on SM and call them out on it, because as much as Seth loves me, I am sure that he is tired of me rehashing all the possibilities for someone to decide to do this, especially because I can’t think of any.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think about it every second of every day, but every now and then I see their name pop up on my feeds and I just want to punch my screen.  It’s disturbing and I hate how it’s making me feel.

But writing is cathartic right?  Which is why I am here.

Because at the end of the day, whether they like me or not shouldn’t matter to me.  Not everyone is going to like me.  And that’s OK.

The views and opinions of “trolls” on the internet should be as insignificant to me as a fart.  A short time of stinkiness and then it’s over.

So it’s over.

Here is what I choose to focus on instead – because in case we had forgotten, this matters more.




11 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Even Matter

  1. That’s UTTERLY bizarre! Like literally, why would someone block you?! Blows my mind! (Of course now itching to know who it was, haha!)

  2. I feel the exact same way when I realize someone has unfollowed me! You wonder what you did to them, almost as if you did something wrong when you know you haven’t. It’s true when they say you can’t please everyone all of the time. The Internet is a very fickle place! And what matters most is having love from people who actually matter.

  3. Oh well, if they block you then why would you want them in your life? People can be so silly sometimes, hakuna ma tata baby thats what I say! Life is too short to waste it on small people 🙂 stay as awesome as you are x

  4. People are strange. Also the Cindy they blocked isn’t even the real you – or more like the full picture of you – so it means very little that someone who doesn’t know you is a silly.

  5. I never even look at those things or stats or who follows or not. I just could not care less. Actually I do not care much for Twitter in any event.

    And stunning beautiful pictures

  6. Oh the good old block. The internet is full of people who you are going to displease for no apparent reason. Focus on your real life connections (many of these may happen cos if the internet and social media circles) and your family. REAL connections are what is important. I’m not saying don’t get involved and interact with people online I am saying don’t let it consume you if they choose not to.


  7. I could hug you right now! Have been there recently and it actually straight out hurt my feelings – but you know; those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind 🙂

  8. Can I let u in on a little secret Cindy? I blocked someone once. This was before I knew Twitter very well and hadn’t heard of muting. The reason I blocked instead of just unfollowing was that I couldn’t handle her obvious wink, wink, nudge, nudge at every Damn brand in an effort to get free stuff. In made me feel nauseous and I thought blocking her would eliminate her from my timeline. I didn’t know that everytime a brand would retweet her “honest love” that it would appear on my timeline too and I’d have to unfollow every brand that fell for her flattery. I’m not telling u this because it has anything to do with you or that u act the same way. Maybe i should have just unfollowed. I didn’t think that the person would find out that I’d blocked. As I said, I didn’t know Twitter very well but I’ve learned my lesson. When she saw I blocked her on Twitter she sent me a ranty email on FB and unfriended me. No skin off my nose but maybe if she has approached me calmy I would have told her why. Maybe before you make your own decisions as to why it was done you might want to also just gently ask why but only if you want to invest more time and emotion into it. Otherwise write it off and move forward. Don’t change for anyone. People will do what people will do. xx

  9. Oh no..don’t let it get you down! I don’t know you from a bar of soap (though I feel I know you because your’s is one of the blogs I look forward to reading daily – so we’re like old friends…but not). Plus, we share a mutual love for growing sweet potato plants – though truth be told, I’ve managed to kill mine :(. You must remember that people are sometimes spazzes – I accidentally may have reported a Instagram pic as inappropriate instead of liking it (my iPad fell out my hand and in a monumentous comedy of errors, I may have hit “report inappropriate content”) but I did leave any (embarrassed) apology comment. Not sure what happened pretty lady but just be the duck to the proverbial water! Chin Up! *Hugs

  10. Lucky lady…there are a few people i would love to unfollow/unfriend…but don’t have the guts to do it. If they deleted me they would be doing me a favour..(smile). So count your blessings that you never ever had to make the choice to unfollow her cause, from the sounds of it, she isnt very nice anyway!

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