They Should Call Baby Showers “Broody Showers”!

In case you were wondering, it’s totally possible to still be heavily broody even when you already have THREE kids.

Despite the fact that you carried them in your body for 9 months each, while being violently ill, subsequently birthed and raised them to toddlerhood while sometimes cursing your decision to become a mother even once…  You take one look at a tiny little person or their tiny little clothes and your heart strings just tug and tug.

Yes, that’s a broody shower for you.  Or judging by the many raised eyebrows when I mention this, maybe only for me.

I know that I have openly declared that “3 is enough” and, because we have to clothe, feed, school and take care of them, three really is enough for us right now.  BUT…  Although my head is very sure about these rash statements, (my body even more so), my heart is not quite set just yet.  If it were not for the money and Roaccutane that I am currently on, if I found out that I was pregnant tomorrow, I would be hunched over the toilet, hurling my guts out but with a smile on my face.

Basically what I’m saying is, maybe we’re done, maybe we’re not.  Either way, baby showers make my ovaries pop out 20 eggs.

I had the privilege of attending the sweetest “Space” themed baby shower for Julie and Terence, who have officially adopted the most adorable baby Liam.  They have been doing amazing work as safety parents for a number of years, but now they have the huge joy of calling baby Liam their very own son.  How cool is that?!

Being there to witness the joy and love poured out over their new little family was such a special way to spend an afternoon.

Unfortunately I got wrapped up in chatting so I only managed to take a few pictures of the decor and not really of anything else.  But the decor was beautiful and worth sharing.  Well done to the girls that prepared and made this day special for Julie.







9 thoughts on “They Should Call Baby Showers “Broody Showers”!

  1. Hi Cindy, I enjoy your posts:) It is hard to read with the washing pics as backround. Can one fade them a bit? :)Alison

  2. No! Uh-uh! No way! I am so done! I am not broody, I love the occasional cuddle with someone else’s baby but always get a great sense of relief when I get to pass said baby back to their parents.
    I’m done!
    So done!

  3. well you know where I stand….although most days I think I am a loon and that I can’t possibly want any more… Luckily I will place the blame on my convictions not my sanity… Thankfully God is good and knows what I need and when, or I’d probably have 4 by now.

  4. My mom had 5 kids, and always wanted one more. She has always said that some moms just do better with more babes to love. I think I will be like that. I have always seen myself with a brood of little Cokayne’s around my feet. Baby showers are one of my fave parties, so much love and excitement all around!

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