Roaccutane You Beauty – Week 14 Update

A quick round up of the last few months in case you’re new around here.  (Welcome by the way, feel free to stay a while)

Up to this point, I wrote about how I tried absolutely EVERYTHING else before trying the Roaccutane route.  I mean EVERYTHING else – eating right (no gluten or dairy), not consuming alcohol or coffee (*cries*), buying crazy expensive beauty products, changing my make up, not wearing make up at all (and hiding at home for a week), accessing and talking to my “inner child Cindy” and crying myself to sleep too often.

Then I went on Roaccutane and the change in those 8 weeks was just mind blowing.  Totally worth the not being able to drink, the dryness and the morning headaches.

So now it’s been 14 weeks and it’s about time to document some changes.  If there are any.

Let’s start off with a “before and after”…

Camera Uploads3

I think the difference is rather remarkable.

The huge red bumps and blotches have totally disappeared, although a lot of the redness has now moved to my right eye.

But, if I compare the 8 week shot to the 14 week shot, it doesn’t seem that much else has happened except for copious amounts of regrowth on my hair.

Camera Uploads4

I don’t know if this is normal for it to sort of “stop working”, but I am starting to feel slightly discouraged.  Is this where the effects of the meds will end?  Should I go back to the Doc to increase the dose?

Could I even handle increasing the dose?  I’m worried about constantly putting this poison into my system despite how much difference it has made.

At one point in the last couples of weeks I was feeling rather overly dramatic and worried whether I was in fact going blind.  The good news is that I don’t think I am, but the red eye and subsequent blurred vision is amplified by lack of or broken sleep (avoid this being a Mother?  Yeah exactly – basically impossible).  I guess the bright side of this is that my eyes look greener than ever!

Seth still jokes that having amazing skin is useless if I’m blind – I won’t even see it!

Anyway, my goal for this was to be able to leave the house without make up.  I’m not there yet.  So I’m not quite ready to give up.

11 thoughts on “Roaccutane You Beauty – Week 14 Update

  1. Crazy results, Cindy! I wish I had advice for you but sadly not. I just hope that it manages to clear up. Either way, amazing improvement. You’ve got serious guts to post it online and I admire you for that.

  2. There is definitely a difference between week and 8 and week 14! Your skin looks great, I’m sure its still working, just probably looks less noticeable because as your skin improves the difference is less dramatic.

  3. I have been on a light dose of roaccutane for 6 months (1 pill every three days), also struggled a lot with my skin during, and after pregnancy. I saw a vast improvement by about month 3, and then it got a little bit worse again, I am now almost finished with my course, and I must say, only the past 3 weeks my skin has been perfect, no new breakouts.. So hang in there! 🙂

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