I’m A Mom With Tattoos – Eleanor From “Just Ella Bella”

Welcome back to another installment in our new series – I’m A Mom With Tattoos.  In case you have missed the last couple, don’t forget to check them out here.

All week I have been thinking that it’s Wednesday and in case you have too, I’m here to tell you that it’s almost the WEEKEND BABY!  I can’t wait for this weekend, there’s so many fun things that we are doing and I can’t wait to go and do them.  I hope you have fun things planned too?


Who are we meeting today?  Well, stop asking questions and I’ll tell you.  Today we have the joy of meeting Eleanor.  Just reading her blog posts make me feel like I have known her for years – such a wonderful, bubbly person.  Now it’s your turn to get to know her if you haven’t already.

Is it too soon to start switching to wine instead of coffee yet?  Asking for a friend.  Anyway, get your poison and get ready to read.

Your name and blog deets:  Eleanor, I blog over at Just Ella Bella

Your age: 29

Your Occupation: I’m Deputy Head of Design at a newspaper production hub

Tell us about your family: I’m married to a great guy, he is an ex-soldier and an ex-fireman who has settled on being a detective with the police, he does like 90% of the cooking in our house (yeah me-because cooking relaxes him and I’m not complaining). He is extremely supportive with my growing list of hobbies and is a great dad to our super busy one-year-old. Aidan is our rainbow baby, born a year after our first son past away in 2012. He is an extremely friendly and energetic child who makes you need a rest after a few minutes with him.


If you work, tell us a bit more about your working environment – are you regularly in contact with new “clients/public”.  I started out as a lifestyle reporter where I interacted with the public on a daily basis but these days I’m pretty office bound.

Tell us a bit about your tattoo’s, what they are, why you have them, where they are located


I have one tattoo for now. It’s a butterfly on my wrist with the name of my first son Logan (he passed away at two days old due to pre-term birth brought on by a placental abrupture). The butterfly is symbolic of him being in my womb (cocoon) then flying away-corny I know, but it has been healing

How old were you when you got your first tattoo?  27

Do you plan on getting more?  Yes I want to get something that represents Aidan. 

How do your family and friends feel about your tattoo(s)?  My extended family is not very pro-tattoo, but I think everyone is okay with it because of the symbolism. My brother, brother-in-law and sister-in-law all have tattoos.  Mine is actually the most subtle of the lot.


What is the general reaction that “the Public” have towards your tattoo’s?  Have you run into any negativity or adversity because of them?  The response has been varied, people mostly ask who Logan is, “is that your boyfriend?” uhm I think not.  You get the odd conservative person that doesn’t approve and some people think it’s a sign that I can’t “get over” the death, but mostly people like it.

Any advice for those interested in getting tattooed?  A tattoo will be on your body FOREVER! so think carefully about what you want and where you want it and also make sure you get it from a good tattoo artist, you would hate to be stuck with a flop the rest of your life.


3 thoughts on “I’m A Mom With Tattoos – Eleanor From “Just Ella Bella”

  1. Oh wow I totally missed this and now my day has been made, thanks Cindy…also I finally figured out my next tattoo…the words “born of fire” because that is what my rainbow’s name means 🙂
    Have a great day

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