But I Don’t Want To

Aaaah, the great outdoors.  With the sun heating up cold bones, birds and squirrels bustling around in the trees over head, the sound of children laughing and the view of a bearded hunk of a man whittling a bunny rabbit from a log.

Sounds all kinds of perfect right?


But now let’s shift the camera slightly to the left, where you will spot a figure sitting on the concrete step, wrapped up with clothing so tight and a hood pulled over so far that you can barely see her unenthusiastic face.

Yeah, that’s me.

I don’t know what it is about the outdoors, but I don’t like it.  I don’t like the uncomfortable seating, the bugs flying in my hair, the spiderwebs I walk into by accident, the cold wind in my face or well, any of it actually.  I can’t even indulge in the sun because Roaccutane.

Anyway.  On Sunday Seth insisted on spending the afternoon outside.  I know right, how dare he?!

The kids LOVED IT and unable to control my FOMO of missing out on an afternoon with them, I found myself flitting outside far too much for my liking.  It was worth it though.  As is doing most things that make you slightly uncomfortable.

I hate having nothing to do, especially when I’m outside.  I need a reason to be there.  Just “enjoying it” is not a good enough reason and so I whipped out my trusty camera.  Man I miss just capturing these random moments.  Definitely more days like this in our future.



















6 thoughts on “But I Don’t Want To

  1. I love the ‘idea’ of being out in nature. Really really really hate it when I am outside though. I hate sitting on the grass and eating off my lap and the bugs and the sand and the wind. Maybe if I had a little cafe style table and chair to relax in???

  2. I try and get Nicky outside as much as possible in the day. He already likes playing on the IPad so much and there’s enough TV on in the evening I just want him to exercise lots so that he will sleep well! Love the pic of dad helping with the ax.

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