Who You’ll Be Rubbing Shoulders With At The #CTMeetUp


One and a half weeks.

That’s the small amount of time that we have left between now and the much anticipated #CTmeetup.  There’s a few things that still need to be sorted out, but for the most part we are ready to roll come 1.30pm on 9 August at I Love My Laundry (in Bree Street).

The good news is that the event is completely SOLD OUT!  YAY!  I wish we could host more people (and maybe for the next one we will), but for the mean time you will just have to live out your FOMO vicariously on the various Social Media platforms.

Just because we have added actual value to the event, it doesn’t take away from the fact that we are getting together to meet up and make new connections.  So in light of that I thought I would quickly show you who you will be rubbing shoulders with over delicious dim sum.  I think a week and a half is the perfect amount of time to get to know who you will be sharing an afternoon with, to make sure that you really get the benefit of getting together.  (Or if you are missing out this time here’s a list of 50 awesome people that you can get to know and stalk online.)

Without further rambling from me, here are 50 people you should take the time to meet – in no particular order.

In the effort to save precious time, I am going against my better judgement of including pictures of everyone, their bios and making the twitter and instagram links into cool buttons.  Basically I am leaving you to be a detective, a national spy or a bonafide stalker – whichever you prefer.

NIKKI LINCOLN –  Blog – Between DaydreamsTwitter and Instagram

CINDY – All my links are on the top right

NIKKI F – Blog – Love, Kids and Other ThingsInstagram and Twitter

JULIA – Blog – Unwritten ,  Instagram and Twitter

CELESTE – Blog – The Reluctant MomTwitter and Instagram

SE7EN – Blog – Se7en + 1, Twitter and Instagram

CHARLENE – Blog – Pretty Please Charlie , Instagram and Twitter

MANDY – Blog – Pregnant In Cape Town, Twitter and Instagram

CHEREEN – Blog – For The Beauty Of It, Twitter and Instagram

JENNIFER – Blog – Pinkerjen.com, Twitter and Instagram 

CHARLOTTE – Blog – The Stiletto Mum and Twitter 

SARAH – Blog – The Mommy City and Twitter 

LEE_ANN – Blog – Girl About Town, Twitter and Instagram

DANIELLE – Twitter

KATHRYN – Blog –  Becoming You, Twitter and Instagram  

MICHELLE – Twitter and Instagram

LAUREN – Blog – Lipglossed Ninja, Twitter and Instagram

HAYLEY – Blog – Hayley’s Joys, Twitter and Instagram  

CHRISTINE – Blog – The Flat White Blog/Magazine, Twitter and Instagram  

NIKKI SMAL – Blog – Nikki and Nicholas, Twitter and Instagram

Tali Feinberg  – Blog – Beautiful Baking, Twitter and Instagram

HEATHER – Blog – Acidicice, Twitter and Instagram  

EMY – Blog – Like Mother Like Daughter, Twitter and Instagram

AMINA – Blog – A Girl With A Camera, Twitter and Instagram

RUSHDA – Blog – RuBe’s Closet, Twitter and Instagram

LEANA – Hipstyler, Pretty and Ginger, Twitter and Instagram  

SALLY-JANE – Blog – Pink Hair Girl, Twitter and Instagram  

ZAYAAN – Blog – Adventures In Parenting, Twitter and Instagram  

FIONA – Blog – Inspired Living, Twitter and Instagram  

LIZANNE – Blog – Clay Jar People, Twitter and Instagram  

TAHLIA – Blog – Too Much Loveliness, Twitter and Instagram

STEPHANIE – Twitter and Instagram

LEANDRE – Instagram 

ROBYN – Blog – Curious Robyn, Twitter and Instagram

LEILAH – Blog – MISSLEILAH 2.0, Twitter and Instagram

KAREN – Blog – Miri Moo, Twitter and Instagram  

CASSEY – Blog – Bits and Pieces and Twitter 

TAMI – Blog – Rumtumtiggs, Twitter and Instagram

THABILE – Blog – Spirit Dominion and Twitter 

LINDSAY – Twitter and Instagram 

NATALIE – Blog – On Sabbatical In Sandton, Twitter and Instagram

ANDREA – Twitter

ELIZABETH – Twitter and Instagram 

LIEZEL – Blog – Elle Kay – Living With Boys, Twitter and Instagram


SHAKIRA – Twitter 

JANA – Blog – Chasing Streets, Twitter and Instagram

SIFISO – Twitter and Instagram

SHAY – Twitter 

MELISSA – Blog – Melissa Louise, Twitter and Instagram

And last, but definitely not least

LEIGH-ANN – Blog – Finding, Wining, Twitter and Instagram

16 thoughts on “Who You’ll Be Rubbing Shoulders With At The #CTMeetUp

  1. Reblogged this on The Stiletto Mum and commented:
    Just over a week to go before #ctmeetup. Cindy has linked everyone who we will be rubbing shoulders with. I now follow each of them on Twitter and Instagram… Lots of stalking happening over the next week.

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