Washing Is Not Decor – Spindel Review

Flipping Winter.

I don’t know about you, but this Winter has hit us hard.  There are just far too many bugs going around for it to be normal.

Just a couple of weeks ago Knox was diagnosed with tonsillitis and bronchitis, which is bad enough right?  But for some reason, when he gets these kinds of illnesses he always ends up vomiting.  Every single night for a week he ended up vomiting on himself, his cot, our bed and even Kyla’s knee.

Disgusting I know.  Sorry if I have upset you with the visual, but kids are gross you guys.

The end result is that we were drowning in washing.

In a normal week we do roughly about 8 loads of washing to keep all 5 of us covered in clean clothing.  In that week we had to up that by another 3 loads.  Which ends up being 2 clothes hangers and a line full of washing running on constant rotation.

The amount of washing hanging around waiting to dry almost made me search “how to make washing a decor feature” on Pinterest.

I’m not even joking.  Look how ugly it is.  (And I took about 30 pictures trying to make it look nice, the other ones were even worse)


As it turns out, there is no way to make washing look cool so I had to find another solution.  When an email popped into my inbox about trying out a Spindel I literally jumped at the chance.

We have put it to such good use for the last couple of weeks and even though Knox is better, the washing never ends (AM I RIGHT?!).

Here’s what stood out for me about the Spindel:

  • When clothes come out of the washing machine they have so much more water in them than I ever realised.  Getting the water out before trying to dry it, speeds up the process ridiculously – clothes are properly dry over night
  • There is no way for my kids to hurt themselves on it, so I can run it with them wandering around.
  • It only takes 3 minutes per load!  So an entire load of washing takes me just about 9 – 12 minutes to get 3 jugs full of water out.
  • There is still so much soap left in clothes when they come out of the wash.  This dries into your clothes and contributes massively to irritating skin conditions and I am sure the condition of your clothing too.
  • You can put anything into the Spindel.  It does not damage “hand wash” or sensitive items at all.
  • It’s travel size so you can easily pack it away or take it with you on holiday.

Oh, those jugs of water I mentioned?  I took a picture because I couldn’t believe it!  3 of these per load.

2014-07-07 12.33.12

So basically what I am saying is that I can stop trawling Pinterest for ideas about how to make washing look cool and go and pack it away instead.  Thank you Spindel!

If you want to know more about getting your own Spindel or if you have any more questions, you should totally check out their website – www.spindel.co.za

7 thoughts on “Washing Is Not Decor – Spindel Review

  1. 1 didnt believe that so much water would come out so.i was really impressed when you showed me how it worked and proved to me about the water. its is so compact too. (insert nodding head here)

  2. Not sure if this will help at all but what the hell…I noticed with N that when she got sick they always gave her either Augmentin or Orelox. Augmentin is fine, but Orelox makes her projectile vomit. I discussed it with the doctor who thought I was being silly…but since they’re both broad spectrum antibiotics I made them list it on her file as an allergy and I’m not joking or exagerating when I say she hasn’t vomited in about two years!

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