Sherbs. Life is crazy this week.  So much to do that I feel like I am running around like a chicken without a head!  Obviously this means a good old faithful Currently post.

Listening To:  OK, so when I heard this song on the radio it distinctly said “FORGET THAT” and not what it says in this linked music video…  I keep swearing off this blog, but I like this song so much that I am going to stick it in here anyway.  It has kind of motivated me in these last few weeks as I have found myself doing things that I didn’t think that I would be doing yet.  I can do it – despite the preconceived misconceptions that I am too young – “FORGET THAT!”

Feeling Thankful For:  Opportunities that we are given, despite how it may not be the best timing.  Looking forward to our little photo shoot later today where we will be capturing some fun crafts and cool things to do at home without the TV.  Keep an eye out in the next Spar magazine for these babies…


Thinking About: Party, meetings, party, Spar magazine, party, meeting, party, sleep.  Basically the party has consumed every second thought I have had in over a week.  Planning wise it’s going well, it’s just the time to implement all my thoughts that is the problem.  The good news is that I have almost finished the party packs, so that is one big tick off the to do list.  Next up (tonight and tomorrow), craft and birthday cake.


Eating: I have eaten so very, very badly recently.  And by that I mean that I have consumed wheat.  Besides the notable weight loss, I figured that now that I am on Roaccutane I wouldn’t need to cut out wheat.  Boy was I wrong.  One burger or pizza or cupcake later and I feel bloated, miserable and my tummy just feels “off”.  So after the party this is going to change in a big way!


Watching: Started watching The Tomorrow People, enjoying it but not as much as Fresh Meat.   Fresh Meat is the business.  Seriously.


Bummed Out On: Not owning enough washi tape.  It’s just so pretty without trying.  All I have is one roll that says Merry Christmas which is highly inappropriate for kids parties, despite the fact that they can’t read it.

Loving:  The evening chats that Seth and I have been able to have over crafting or planning or packing for the party.  Watching TV together is great, but properly connecting is so much greater.


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