My Kyla Bella, You Turned 5!


Oh my Kyla Bells I don’t know why I struggle to write these posts to you.

I guess it’s my own silly way of trying to stop you from growing up – as if a lack of a post could do that.  (If only it could do that.)

But the rather shocking reality is that I don’t need a birthday to tell me that you are getting older, I can see that in my every little interaction with you.  You constantly surprize me with how you have become so aware, understanding and just genuinely fun to be around.


I’ve been writing this post in my head to you all week and each time I end up in the same place, wordlessly just staring at you – marveling at your growth and beauty but left feeling astounded by so much more that makes you, you!

Suddenly you have grown up right in front of my eyes and I feel like I have missed it, despite being with you all the time.  Your arms and legs are longer and stronger, you no longer even remotely resemble a toddler – you are a little girl now and acknowledging that makes me a little bit sad but also excited for all the new memories that we have in store together.


It must be said that you are so much more than just a gorgeous little girl on the outside, your beauty shines from the inside too.  The way you lovingly play with Riya and Knox absolutely warms my heart, even when you teach them the naughty stuff (like how to climb up the back of the couch).  The way you join in on conversations and your little insights into how your mind works often has me back tracking, wondering how you could even understand that yet.

The relationship that you have with Riya is so beautiful to witness.  Sure you fight like siblings inevitably do, but you love her so fiercely that it makes up for it.



Although you may be ridiculously stubborn (my fault) and not too comfortable expressing yourself freely in front of other people (Dads fault), you managed to score a couple of our good attributes too.  I can honestly say that you can draw better and with more detail than I can (thanks to Daddys genes).  Your imagination is varied and being able to put what you are thinking onto paper is just too amazing for words.



There are just so many things that I could say to you my sweet love, the only problem is that no mater how eloquently I put the words or how carefully I construct my sentences they could never do you justice.

Before you, I was not a Mommy.  You gave me something that I longed for and I am just so blessed to be able to call you my daughter.  I pray for you every night, that you will continue to grow into a lovely young woman, that you will know Jesus as your Lord and that I will be blessed with being able to be there to witness it all.  I love you so very, very much.  So very much.

Here’s to many, many more chats with tea in the garden!



I love you Kyla Bells!



6 thoughts on “My Kyla Bella, You Turned 5!

  1. She looks so much like you Cindy! The resemblance is too cute for words. Looks like she has your friendly personality too. Lovely post.

  2. Absolutely stunning! I will say this – each year as our children turn another year older, we feel a little sad that they aren’t a baby/toddler/little girl any more.I will say this though – I love Zoe’s birthdays. I love that she gets a whole new year to grow and change and discover more of who she is. Witnessing a child “become” who she is, is the greatest privilege. Enjoy each day of each year, because she will never be 4, or 5, or 6 again.

  3. Wow that was so beautiful, brought tears to my eyes. Your kids are going to cherish these letters when they are grown up. Happy birthday to Kyla

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