Just Another Morning

I have totally given up trying to get the girls to wear the clothing that I wish they wore.

You know the kind that if it was just a little bit bigger you would totally find me raiding their cupboards?  Yes, that.

Anyway.  They will have none of it.  None!

So unless we’re going somewhere where they should look somewhat put together, I don’t even try and get involved in what they are wearing.  Sometimes I just can’t take all the patterns on top of each other so I subtly hint to change it, normally saying something like, “NO!  You will not leave the house looking like Mister Maker just vomited on you!”

Riya takes the hint, but Kyla is ridiculously stubborn.  I’ve heard my Mom say something along the lines of “Like mother like daughter – taste of your own medicine” in those moments…

I have no idea where we were going on this morning, but the girls were totally kitted out.  Wings, babies, hats, glasses, you name it and you could probably find it hidden under their dresses.  Despite their attire, what I loved about these pictures is they way they are relating to each other, and Riyas “are we really doing this again” face.

Also not sure how I feel about the photo effect, but I didn’t want all the clashing of colours to detract from their interaction.










7 thoughts on “Just Another Morning

  1. Love this! We had a rule for Zoe: She could wear whatever she wanted as long as it was clean and had no holes in it. I actually have a photo of her wearing a vest, one of my tops, a scarf wrapped around her waist as a belt, pj bottoms, and two different shoes. She followed the rules so we couldn’t stop her, and off we went. It’s so important to give them the freedom to choose how hey want to express themselves with their “look”.

    Lovely pics of them by the way xx

  2. My A has always had her own style – gosh, I actually should go have a look at pics of her at 4 or 5. Now she has a bit more ordinary style but she still likes dresses over pants, etc. And at 9 still loves mom’s things, even if it is scraves now

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