What a weekend.  Please tell me things are going to get warmer from here on?  Please?

With the girls birthdays fast approaching (we will have a 5 year old in the house in just 7 sleeps) things have been a bit of a whirlwind around here.  So here’s a round up.

Listening To:  The weekend is always full of lots of “Mommmmmy!”, ” Mamma” and if I am in trouble, “MOM!”.  But what was really nice to listen to the last couple of days, is the girls playing together (when they think we are still asleep).  They go back to their room and climb into Riya’s bed (she is on the bottom bunk).  They snuggle in next to each other and talk about the most random things.  Yesterday mornings highlight was from Riya, “When you die, den you open your eyes and you see GOD!  So cool hey Kyla?”

Everyone of these mornings my heart swells even bigger.

Feeling Thankful For:  A husband that, despite getting annoyed with my forgetful/untidy tendencies, still loves me enough to look after me when I am a miserable sick person.  Knox has very kindly passed along his tonsillitis/bronchitis to me, which has led me to lose my voice.  We seem to be on the mend though, so hopefully the worst is over.

Thinking About: The girls party.  It is consuming my every thought, but in a good way.  I think that if insurance stopped working out for me, planning parties would be the next thing on my list to try my hand at.  I’m not great at sticking to a budget and it often looks totally different in my head, but I just love creating pretty little things to contribute to making their day special.  So maybe it wouldn’t work out but I’d go out with a bang!

My long suffering party assistant (AKA My Mom) and I spent a large part of yesterday afternoon cutting out paper bunting.  Yes, I know I could probably get it made and or just buy it in the shop, but like I said, I hate myself.  Oh no wait, I mean I flipping love it!  Everyone always rags me about doing too much for their parties, but I’m not going to apologise for it.  I’m doing it because I want to, because I love it and because it is going to look pretty.  It’s not a competition.


We still have loads to do in terms of party packs, the actual cake, games, decor and like, basically everything except for the cupcakes and a few other sweet treats.  Thanks to Bosworth Bakery those are totally sorted – I can’t wait to see what the end result looks like, judging by the Facebook Page pictures we are in for a super treat!

Eating: At the moment everything tastes like cardboard.  Joys of being sick.

Watching: I feel like we have just been stumbling our way through mediocre series since finishing The Black List and Fargo.  So although I am enjoying Crisis and About A boy and a few others that I can’t remember (see – totally not worth watching) I needed a series that I couldn’t stop watching.  Enter “Fresh Meat”.  So maybe it’s not everyones cup of tea but I adore the English humour.  It’s hilarious and we can’t stop watching it.

Bummed Out On: This weather.  I am NOT a Winter person.  My mood is pretty much directly related to the weather.  This freezing cold weekend had not helped my already sickly mood.  But, we bought a butt load of wood and have been chilling around the fire most of the last couple of days, so it’s not all bad.

Suck it Winter



Loving:  There are good things and bad things about being married to an architect.  Since I have already covered the not so great things in that post, I’ll focus on the good.  One of my favourite things to do with Seth is dream about all the changes that we would make to our house if we had money.  In the old house the list was endless and basically impossible – we would probably have had better luck knocking the entire thing down and starting from scratch.  However, this house is pretty perfect the way it is.

There is always something that Seth would like to change in any house to make it flow better, look better, be better.  For us it would be opening up the dining room and turning it into a double volume space that leads into an attic turned into room space.  I’m not even sue what would go in here – guest room, play room, study?  Irrelevant.  What I am excited about, is the double volume in the dining room.  The very idea of the exposed brick up there has me itching to rip open the ceiling myself.  I just adore exposed brick.

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