Little Things That Interracial Couples Worry About

A blonde haired, blue eyed boy.

That’s exactly what I envisioned my first child to look like.

Obviously after I met Seth and fell madly in love, I kind of knew that there was a chance that those visions would have to stay in my dreams.  The chances of having a blonde haired baby was slim, and one with blue eyes to top it off was just asking for too much.

And let’s be honest, my visions included straight haired children and now, well, um.  I mean seriously, you can’t tell me that’s not the first thing that crosses every single interracial couples mind?  No?  Just us?  OK then.

Let me draw your attention back to the days when Seth actually drew a picture of what our first child would look like

Moving on.

Clearly my genes are just freaking Hulk like or Seth really does have the German Caribbean blood that Marc Lottering jokes about.  Kyla has blue eyes and perfectly straight hair, with a smattering of blonde highlights.  Riya has blue eyes and curls that I have always longed for with an incredible ombre blonde effect.

And Knox…  Well, Knox is most definitely his Dad’s mini me.  With his striking (almost) black eyes and gorgeously tanned skin.  But my genes had one last say and so he still got the blonde hair!  I must be one part German and one part Swiss, with a fair mix of Labrador.

The one thing that I have noticed as we have had more kids is that their hair gets curlier and curlier.  Sometimes I wonder if that’s not our secret reason for not having baby number 4.  Anyway, this has resulted in Knox’s hair looking rather ridiculous rather regularly.  This photo for example, may lead you to believe that he’s just gotten out of bed when in fact  he was just about to go to bed again.


A haircut was seriously needed.

On a whim, we decided to cut it.  I was so unprepared that I didn’t even take any photos (shock, horror disbelief).  But I’ll describe the scene to you instead.  He had on the cutest little blue boots and baggy jeans, but sat without any vest or tshirt on, exposing his gloriously full little body.  He was so good, sat for most of the time saying, “Dada, hair, Dada, hair!”.

We cut off all the crazy curls and now he looks so flipping cute I can’t stop kissing these cheeks!  It’s even harder to resist his “I’m not going to sleep” rants now.



11 thoughts on “Little Things That Interracial Couples Worry About

  1. Haha – I pray everyday that Greg’s genes are stronger than mine and our kids will have straight hair! I think this IS every interracial couples worry.. “what if I cant do my own kids hair?!”

  2. My ex was so worried that Cameron and Kiara would come out black – lol – apparently coloured people don’t like being dark skinned. We have the curls though – both of them have lots and lots of curls! LOTS!

  3. Love the post…My husband and I are both coloured but such very different looking coloured ppl that we were very interested to see our offspring….God seems to have played compromise compromise with our son…hubby’s green eyes + my brown = hazel. Hubby’s height + my lack thereof = average. Hubby straight light brown used to be blonde hair + my super dark super curly = beautiful ringlets….interesting to say the least

  4. Gosh he is the cutest little man ever. BTW my hubby was as blonde as anything up to about 21 and am now dark haired. Our A was blonde up to 3 and is now a brunette that has natural highlights. So he may just get darker hair in future – and be just as darn cute. (Our L has blonde hair, green eyes and a darkish skin like me and A – I am expecting him to be a brunette later in life. C on the other hand is so light of skin he “shines” in the dark with light blue eyes – he is likely stuck with my MIL light genes)

  5. Great post, My fiance is coloured and im white and our daughter has the most beautiful caramel skin tone, she has crazy brown curls like her dad and she has his dark brown eyes too ❤

  6. How about just saying Thank you Lord for the blessing of you children, rather than comparing them to some standard you’ve dreamt about. They Happy, Healthy and have everything they need. I don’t think they care whether their eyes are blue or their hair is straight or kroes.

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