#CTmeetup Now Has Meaning!


OK, so maybe my title may have lead you to believe that before this post, there was no point to the meet up.  And maybe you’d be right.

Don’t get me wrong, meeting up with other bloggers and twitterers has me so excited (and nervous – what am I going to wear?!) that it is something that I think about almost constantly.  Having the chance to put an actual real life face to a name and not just seeing snippets via social media is going to be so awesome.  Making real connections with real people.

And like, obviously getting free stuff is super cool too.  But you guys, I cannot justify having a meeting JUST to get free stuff.  Surely we are above this thinking?

So Nikki and I were pondering how to make this meeting more meaningful to all of us and not to be just a Saturday afternoon out enjoying delish food and chats with soon to be friends.

And then it happened.  Epiphany!

If you, as a blogger/twitterer had the opportunity to sit down with an actual PR person (from a very big South African brand) to discuss little things, like how to approach a brand for sponsorship or what brands actually look for when considering a blog for advertising or even having the chance to tell someone that will listen about how we, as bloggers, want to be approached and sent informationthen this is your big chance.

We have the absolute privilege of partnering with Michelle Stevens who is Revlon South Africa’s Communications Manager.  Michelle has been in the marketing and PR world for a number of years and deals with bloggers on a daily basis, her advice and guidance will be so beneficial for us all.

There is often a lot of frustration from influencers when dealing with PR/media companies and now we can join forces to speak out about what we, as influencers, would prefer from our side.  A community of sorts. It will not only make it easier for PR/media when contacting us, but for the relationship as a whole.

I am sure that you are as excited about this opportunity (and the potential that it offers) as much as we are!

There are only 15 tickets left, if you want dibs on one, please email me on cindyalfino@gmail.com and I will send you all the details.

ctmeetup flyer

9 thoughts on “#CTmeetup Now Has Meaning!

  1. Haha I’m also wondering what I’m going to wear – eek! Cool idea about the PR talk – thanks for arranging.

  2. Reblogged this on The Stiletto Mum and commented:
    On 23 June 2014 there was 15 places left for the #CTmeetup which now has a meaning besides meeting up with great people and having some fun.

  3. I would love to meet the other bloggers. I’ll unfortunately not be able to attend. I’ll be too far along in my pregnancy and we wouldn’t want any waters breaking at the meet up. lol 🙂

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