Her Maiden Voyage

Sometimes doing things for the first time can be really scary.

But flying a kite is not even close to that at all.

If you get it right, it can be liberating and fun and entertaining, but if you get it wrong it can be annoying and frustrating, but probably still quite entertaining (for the onlookers).


Such was the case for us this past public holiday.  It’s not often that we have a whole day to ourselves to do what we want to do, when we want to do it, but Monday lined itself up perfectly to be exactly that. Is there anything better than the spontaneity of those days?

It probably feels so extra good because we have been lacking this random spontaneity for the last little while.  Probably me more so.  I feel like I need to plan to be spontaneous.  I need to consciously tell myself to just enjoy the moment and not already be planning our next move, worrying about making the next meal or just wanting to go back to my comfort zone – i.e. inside.

I am grateful for a husband who is the opposite of me in those kind of things, that forces me to do, to be, to try.  Without him the kids would spend an awful lot of time hidden indoors.  I blame the Roaccutane and the cold for my new need to be a vampire.

But anyway, this is supposed just be about a kite.  Not a personal reflection on life.

Flying kites seems to be about as hard as finding a kite that is actually built to fly.  After much unraveling, running, laughing, shouting, knotting, cursing and general mayhem it was decided that this kite was not really built to fly, which kind of makes it a colourful pile of pointlessness.


Nevertheless, after much effort Seth finally got it airborne for a couple of minutes and it got us out together.  And it got me back into capturing our little moments again which I have really missed.









Is it even possible to get any cuter than this?





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