We Have The Plague

I should probably give you a heads up – if you should happen to see anyone of the Alfino clan roaming the streets looking like a zombie, this is your notice to run as fast as you can away from us.  Seriously – RUN AWAY!!


It’s unlikely that you may come across us in the vast land that is Cape Town, especially as we haven’t left the house since Thursday and I may or may not have completely lost my mind with cabin fever, but the warning is still there for your safety.

Actually that’s a half truth, although we didn’t leave the house for the whole weekend, this morning I sent the girls to school and I ignored my fever and wrapped myself up in 5 jerseys, 2 scarves, a hoodie and a blanket and set off for work.  You see, as much as I flipping ADORE my children (I mean really, have you seen them – so cute), they amount of times I heard the word “Mom” this weekend almost made my ears bleed.

I kind of feel like we are getting a glimpse into what the zombie apocalypse is going to be like.  We may not be the brain eating type of zombies, but feeling undead should count for something right?

The girls have been struggling with a bronchitis and ear infection issue since the Friday before and just when we thought Knox had skipped it, he developed croup and 40 degree fevers.  When he wasn’t passed out with fever and medicine, he was screaming.


Plus his new fun hobby is to punch me in the face or smack me or kick me.  At any random time and for no apparent reason other than him just being flipping naughty.  If there is one thing I cannot stand it is being hurt.  In any way, shape or form.  Especially by my tiny tot who is already not sleeping, being incredibly demanding and just generally impossible.

The audacity.

Anyway, I hope that you are all having a much better time than we are and I just wanted to pop in and confirm that we are not dead.  Yet.

6 thoughts on “We Have The Plague

  1. Totally feel your pain… I am so cold, so tired, so sick… Even thought of going to hospital… Hope you all recover soon

  2. So sorry – I also have a terrible cold, A is mostly over it and now the boys are both sniffing. I do hope you have a much better weekend in the next one. Health and happy!

  3. My 3 month old and I also have a case of the sniffles and im so scared it will turn into something worse! Funny enough the school and creche going kids are not sick at all! Hope you and your brood get well soon.

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