Funny how when I am feeling overwhelmed and not sure which side is up, my go to post is a Currently one.

So I guess by those few words alone you can probably tell that things in the house of Alfino are a bit stressed.  So much going on (a lot of it good) and very little sleep (thanks to 2 very sick little girls STILL struggling with fevers) has left me feeling rather drained and out of it.


Listening To:  The clacking of my laptop keys as I write this, but also get back to sooooo many emails and backlog from the time I was on leave after my Dad died.  I guess that’s the reality of life.  It goes on.  Whether you want it to or not.

Feeling Thankful For:  Our fire place keeping us warm on these chilly Cape Town evenings.  It has been so cold that Seth thinks that I have changed religions.  Not one single part of me is allowed to be exposed for fear of frost bite.  It reminds me of the time in the old house where we had no power for 3 days, except now we have power and fire but it’s still so flipping cold.


Thinking About: Why people think it’s OK to post pictures of themselves in their lacy undies on Social Media.  Some things are meant to be kept personal don’t you think?  Don’t get me wrong, I am ALL FOR weight loss and before and after pics, I encourage it, I applaud it, but I don’t want to see it (or any other type) in lacy undies on my Instagram feed.  I can see the difference before and after in tight clothes or swimwear as much as I could in lacy undies.  I can’t be the only one that feels like this?  Or are we all just so used to seeing other peoples naked bodies that it’s not a concern anymore?

I should probably justify my thinking a bit more (before everyone thinks that this is some kind of “subtweet” situation).  I am not referring to any one person in particular.  I also still admire these women for their massive achievements in weight loss (and/or whatever other reason they may have found to put up a picture of themselves undressed) and want to continue to follow them because besides this, I actually like them.  What concerns me is that as another woman, I don’t particularly mind seeing you in all your glory, but would I want my husband to see it?  No.  I definitely would not.  The only scantly clad woman in lacy undies he should be looking at is me, thank you very much.  I don’t know where I’m going with this, and I could actually (should actually) just do an entire post on this alone, but it really bugs me with how this has become normal.

Rant over.

Eating: We have been so blessed with dear friends spoiling our family with food and treats over the last few weeks, so while it may not have all been wheat free, sugar free, dairy free I figure that it’s “Comfort Week”….  Which is slowly turning into comfort month.

Watching: We have been stumbling through series since all the good ones we had are finished.  We’ve done The Black List, up to date with Crisis, New Girl, Psych, Suburgatory, Revenge, Suits, Elementary, Sherlock and still missing Dexter and Breaking Bad.  But while browsing through some things that were a total miss (looking at you House of Cards with your over the top legal jargon and US parlamenty stuff) we stumbled on Fargo.

Oh my word.  It may not be for the fainthearted – as in, if you don’t do blood and stuff, this may not be for you.  But it seems that this is my niche.  I kind of love it.  And I’m not sure exactly what that says about me.  But anyways, moving swiftly along.

Dennis Freeman is quite easily one of my favourite actors.  I love how well he pulls off the nerdy, unsure guy.  His mannerisms are just so REAL!  First getting to know him in Sherlock really made me love his new character so much more.  I’ll leave you with this because I couldn’t find the gif of him on the phone with Billy Bob – easily my favourite part of the first episode.




Bummed Out On: Besides a serious lack of sleep, not much actually!  Hooray!

Loving: Our new to us coffee table.  It was originally made by a friend of my Mom’s (thank you Uncle Brian!) to be used to raise the lounge chair for my Dad (so that the hoist could fit underneath).  But now that we have given the chair away and my Mom needed the space, so it has found it’s temporary home in our home.

It is a sturdy piece of work and made from an old door.  I adore it.  And the kids adore it too, often performing glorious renditions of “Let It Go” or various Barbie and the Popstar songs for their adoring fans!


And now for a not Pinterest worthy picture, because I don’t live in Pinterest.


6 thoughts on “Currently

  1. And after all that I do think you sound just fine. It’s never easy loosing someone even if you were expecting it – so take it easy, make it comfort food months if need be. Love

    Oh and I totally agree on the lacy underwear thing

  2. I think aboutu often and wonder how u are doing since losing yr dad. U sound good! Love that the table that holds so many memories for u is now in your home. And how many of us have Pinterest homes? Oh yes. Totally agree on the lacy underwear selfie thing. Also feel the same way about breastfeeding selfies!

  3. I totally do a “currently” post if I’m feeling overwhelmed. Hope things start to ease up soon and all the lurgies leave your home.

  4. I am obsessed with that table!!! LOVE IT!!!! And regarding the underwear – AMEN!! The only underwear that is photo appropriate is a sports bra – the crop top style ones that are all pretty and cute. And not see through. And have no lace or under wire or mesh.

    Hope your girls start to feel better soon xxx

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