Find A Good Space And Get In It


I always thought that everyone who ever said, “This too shall pass” to me, were right.

Was it helpful at the time?  Maybe not so much, because I was still dealing with a needy newborn and tantrum throwing toddlers incapable of reason, and all on very little sleep.  Actually them saying it, although well meaning and lovely, sometimes made me feel even more desperate to wish away this phase that we were in.  To be done with it. As soon as physically possible.

Now those days seem like a very long time ago and I now I know that they were right.  IT DOES PASS.  It does get easier.  In fact, I am honestly loving most of every second that I get to spend with my littles.  So much that if I didn’t have to pay for schooling, I would even consider adding another little bambino to the mix.  I’m broody to the max yo.  (But don’t worry Nana and Ga – I just paid the school fees – which is possibly the most effective birth control ever).

Obviously this new phase opens up different challenges, but dealing with them is just so much easier when you have a fairly good nights rest.  (Which for me is even when I have 2 wakes ups for 2 kids during the night).

So, although leaving Knox with a crayon for a millisecond results in graffiti all over the walls and although trying to get Riya to potty train at night has resulted in so much additional washing that I have given up and although Kyla is now able to reason her way through even the strictest reprimand – it is good with us.

And I hope that it is with you too!  If not right now, soon!




6 thoughts on “Find A Good Space And Get In It

  1. Us too … trying to enjoy the good times and remember that the hard times will pass and will soon be forgotten 🙂 Also trying hard to come to terms with the fact that Scarlett is almost certainly our last bambino… 😥

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