I May Never Leave The House Again

The other morning I was getting the girls dressed for school and I could not find one warm top that I could put on for them.  Not a single one.  Everything I tried on them had little tummies sticking out the bottom, not to mention all the pants that are now showing little ankles, but not in a cute way.

I shouted to Seth that we really need to go shopping for the girls.  But then I remembered what happened the last time I took them shopping with me.  I can’t say that I want to do that again anytime soon.  In fact I think I would rather eat my right toe than ever do that again.

Nevertheless, we still faced the problem of the kids needing new clothes.  So when Mr Price contacted me about using their online store I literally jumped at the chance.  It could only be a win-win situation right?

Still jumping, I jumped right online and I scoured their girls and boys sections for much needed clothes for the kids.  I was honestly surprised how far my money went, it felt like I just kept adding things to my basket and the total wasn’t even growing by much.  Thankfully I found the site easy to use which is a huge plus because ain’t no one got time for annoyingly delayed or complicated shopping.

I’ll admit that online shopping never used to be my first choice, I quite enjoy getting to feel the clothes and really get to know them before I make a purchase – I am not an impulse shopper.  Plus I am super fussy about the way things fit me.  But for the kids?  I don’t think I have ever actually tried anything on them before buying it.  I check the age and pop it in the basket.  Now I was doing what I’ve always done when shopping for them, just from the comfort of my own home!

Coincidentally we were in store just a few weeks earlier and made the girls choose only one item each.  While we were there I was lusting after a few extra items that I would have loved to have gotten for them but couldn’t at the time.  I think having been in the store and viewing the clothing in person definitely helped.  I knew what I wanted and then splurged on some extra items too.

When I got the package less than 36 hours later (even with the day before being Voting Day and a Public Holiday) I couldn’t wait to rip it open, but I knew the girls would be even more excited to get their hands on it.  And I was right!  The sheer amazement that there was a present for them, that they could open was almost too much for them to bear.  They ripped it open in 2 seconds and divvied up the goods faster than I get through a packet of Nik Naks – which is pretty impressive, even if I do say so myself.


Overall I must say that I was really impressed.  No lines, no searching for the right size, no having the kids pull me in 5 different directions, no constantly making sure no one steals them when I’m not looking and most of all, I didn’t even have to leave the couch.  Obviously that in itself is worth the minimal delivery fee.

But I know what you’re thinking.  That’s great Cindy, we will definitely try it, but like, show us how cute your kids look in their new clothes!  OK, OK, I always aim to please, so here they are.  Posing like they thought they were real models.  Except for Knox.  It is impossible to get an 18 month old to do what you want him to!













This post was sponsored by Mr Price Fashion.

5 thoughts on “I May Never Leave The House Again

  1. Such cute models! I also saw that tiger top and thought how trendy it was but not too grown up for little girls.

  2. I Looooovveeee Mr P online..and they always (ok most of the time) have the size im looking for. Where as if the shops don’t have it, u have to trek to another one that does.

  3. I hope Mr P sponsors you some clothing coz after reading your post I went online, signed up with Mr P and spent R400 on clothes for my 8 month old boy- got the cutest leggings that I have been looking for! So thanks 🙂

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