This Is What FOMO Does To You #CTmeetup


Do you know what happened on Saturday?

A lot of my favourite bloggy and twitter people met up for coffee and chats and fun and giggles.  So why the FOMO?  Well, they were all the way in JHB.  And while I would love to jet off for the afternoon to join them, sometimes living the dream is just not possible.  Seeing all the pictures stream in was a special kind of torture (and apparently I am a special kind of stalker).

And to top it off I missed the last Cape Town meet up.

Anyway, to make a long story short (like me) I decided to just suck it up and organise another CT gathering of not only bloggers, but Twitterers too.  And with the help of Nix from Between Daydreams we hope to make it happen.  But this is where we need a bit of your assistance because obviously we want you to be there.

If you are interested in joining us, could you please let us know which one of these dates would be best for you:

Also helpful would be to know if you would be bringing kiddies with you or not and maybe even what you want from the morning – you can pop that all into the comments section below.

I’m already looking forward to it – we’re so excited that we already made a little badge for it 😉


24 thoughts on “This Is What FOMO Does To You #CTmeetup

  1. Thanks so much to you and Nix for organising, please shout if you want any help. I’m hoping to come without the kids so I can chat more. Sometimes at events you only get to chat to the people sitting next to you but unless we do it speed dating style, we probably won’t get to chat to everyone. Maybe a place where we can mingle easily would be nice. Looking forward to meeting you 🙂

  2. Can’t begin to explain how exciting this would be! All my stalking dreams will come true lol mid to end of august will be best in my opinion as I’m sure there are a lot of Muslim tweeps who want to join in and Ramadhaan (the month of fasting) ends at the beginning of August. I would love to bring my baby with so something child friendly would be great! I agree with Sarah that at most events u generally only get to chat to the people u are seated with so maybe something more informal would be better. Love love love this idea and really hope I get to participate!

  3. Would love to attend! I’m new to the blogging scene (well, sort of) and would like to meet other mommy bloggers! Might bring baby along. Can’t do the 9th, as I’m shooting a wedding that day. Hey, maybe I can take photos on the day? (Put my blog address in the website field above but my photography website is

  4. Hi Cindy!

    Is this aimed at mommy bloggers or any ol’ bloggers? If it’s the latter then I’d love to attend 🙂 If I can?

    PS fun fact: I used to play with you when we were kids! Lindi was my best friend in school and we used to visit you and Shane a lot 🙂

    • Hi Jen!
      Open to absolutely anyone.
      Oh my word, that’s crazy! My memory is total rubbish, but it would be awesome to see you again and catch up!

  5. I will come but probably won’t bring my kids – too much work and I want to relax and enjoy myself! I won’t mind other people bringing their kids though. I like both 09 and 23 August.

  6. This is awesome Cindy!! Super keen, super excited. For me morning option is always good, as for the kids…. any chance to have some adult company uninterrupted is always welcome 🙂

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