“Why The Long Face” And Other Things You Don’t Say At Oude Molen Eco Village

There’s this place called Oude Molen Eco Village.

From the outside it appears to be the kind of place that you don’t ever want to see the inside of.  So for many years we didn’t even bother.  That was until we were invited to a play date at The Play Shed.

I was sold but somehow we still didn’t ever make it there, even though it is not far from us at all.  But sometimes the mood is right, the weather is perfect, the kids want to get out and Seth just happened to be forced to take a days leave on that awkward Friday in between public holidays.  And so we finally made a stop there for a late lunch and coffee.  (By the way, I think this is how life was supposed to be – work in the morning and play in the afternoon.  All these holidays together have really just been such fun!)

Besides the PlayShed (which is an indoor play area – perfect for rainy day playdates) there are horses and chickens, a restaurant and an amazingly priced nursery hidden behind the restaurant.  And if you have a fire place and you need well priced wood then I would recommend that you pay them a visit – just leave some for us!

Knox is obsessed with animals right now.  Horses are his favourite.  He insisted that we went to look at them every 5 minutes!!





Besides the horses, there were some chickens and roosters.  When Knox heard the rooster crow it totally made his day and now he throws his head back and crows at the top of his lungs whenever we mention “chicken”!




We enjoyed a rather unexpectedly good cup of coffee with some lunch while the kids played on and with everything.  I LOVE the massive tree climbing thing.  I wish that there were no other kids there or I might have been trying to be Kate Winslet on the Titanic.


If you look carefully in the middle on the right, you may just spot Ian Bredenkamp (from KFM).  At least I think it was him.IMG_3517





There were just so many beautiful spots to take photos.  The wanna be photographer in me wants to do so many “shoots” there. I just love, love, love the old beaten but still beautiful look.






The nursery even made a special mention about my most favourite house plantsIMG_3608


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