A Mother’s Day Heads Up – Ideas Of What To Do/Give From Actual Moms

It’s that time of the year again – the one where I wonder store to store trying to find the “perfect gift” for the Mothers in our lives.


We are blessed with 3 mothers (my Mom, Seth’s Mom and Seth’s Grandmother) to celebrate, but every year I get totally stumped on what to get them to show our appreciation for everything that they do for us and their wonderful love and support.

And while I don’t necessarily have the answer to that just yet, I do have some ideas for those of us that are still in “the trenches”.  As a Mom of 3 little people I would be lying if I said that while it is something that I absolutely love doing, it is also the hardest, most soul testing phase of my life so far.  I could be wrong, but as we are surrounded by our children every day I think our answers may differ to those that have older children and are regularly away from their children.

If you want to know what to get the Mom’s in your life then you should probably go straight to the source, and to help you out, I did just that!  Thanks to a little investigation that I did on Twitter a while back, I can share with you exactly what some of my favourite Twitter Moms are hoping for this Mother’s Day.

So Dads/partners/family doing some recon, THIS is what the Mom in “the trenches” needs this Mothers Day:

I think the general consensus is that we want time over spoils – time alone, time with friends, time with husbands/partners by far outweighed any specific gifts.  Granted there were only a few people that joined in that convo, so now I’m letting you all in on it – tell me what your choices are:

For me at least, my ideal would be sleeping late (without the kids there to wake me up when they escape Seth’s watch and inevitably find me), morning cuddles with my littles when I decide to wake up, a long leisurely I-haven’t-had-to-cook-it breakfast of crispy bacon, soft eggs and all the trimmings, followed up by a family lunch (the day is not only about being a mother, but celebrating my own mothers – even though sometimes I forget this), then topping it off with a steaming hot cup of Milo or Nomu (with snacks!) and cuddles on the couch with Seth while we watch movies.  All while not having to worry about who needs feeding when and how much and bathing and medicine and bedtime and routine and never being expected to get up at all.  Ever.

Throw in a “present” of a pamper day with my girlfriends or a girls night or anything from Antique Fusion and I’ll be one super happy woman.

No pressure Seth.

4 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Heads Up – Ideas Of What To Do/Give From Actual Moms

  1. My Mum lives in the UK and none of my kids will likely remember it’s Mother’s Day – so just wine, chocs, crisps, snacks and all those things I can’t afford – but hopefully can soon!

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