Beard, Beardy, Beardedness.


There is hair everywhere and it’s not even November.

I know a lot of women complain about “Movember” for months in advance, sometimes the entire year before hand – (complaining is what we do best though right?!).  Their husband/partner/boyfriend is most definitely NOT growing any form of anything on his face – especially not if he actually wants any kind of action from her.

But me?  I think it’s hot.  Have you even seen Pinterest?!  I’ve taken the liberty to bring some beauty to your attention, if you weren’t sure about beards before then you haven’t seen this.

Apparently it’s everywhere – everyone has one.  Everyone hipster anyway.  One 10 minute walk up Bree Street (in Cape Town) and I can see why this seems to be the case.  In that short space of time I spotted about 30 beards and almost as many man-buns.  The beard has had it’s time to shine, but “it was a fad and it’s on it’s way out” according to scientific research done in the States.

I don’t agree though.

Yeah maybe the States have had every Tom, Dick and Harry take it on themselves to ensure that beard oil, skinny jeans, ironic glasses, craft beer and kale flavoured froyo stay in business.  But we live in Cape Town, super laid back Cape Town where sometimes it’s more cool to not be cool than it is to try and be cool.  Maybe a visit to Town or Woodstock may leave you reaching for your electric shaver but those two places aren’t all that Cape Town has to offer.

I love the beard.  I love the man bun.  I love my husband who happens to look flipping hot with both of those attached to his head.



My advice (if you are a bearded man) is to totally ignore anyone that disagrees with you and I.


Also someone seems to have taken a picture of Seth and used it as the decor for Markhams (I think).  So obviously I made Seth pose with it and besides all the people giggling as they walked past us, one little girl shouted, “Is that the man? That’s the same man Daddy!


If you have a bearded man in your life you might find this link funny – I know I did.

5 thoughts on “Beard, Beardy, Beardedness.

  1. Love this post, to me it is funny how most women say they hate a beard, yet since my hubby started growing his a few years ago, everywhere we go women started flirting with him. That never happened when he didn’t have one. On a side note, Damn you have one hot hubby! 🙂

  2. My son has one and I hate it – but I have to give him a haircut before he’ll shave it – so needless to say – the periods between haircuts are getting longer as is the beard. Love the pic of Seth posing with his doppelganger’s pic!

  3. Regan has a beard, but he’s the opposite of a hipster (has it come full circle yet where your so not a hipster that you actually are a hipster?) I LOVE his beard. When he does shave I always feel so sad, which lasts for about a week. Honestly facial hair is so sexy. Always going to be a fan! Great post!
    On a side note, how do I find you on bloglovin? Been searching for ages…

    • I’m having the same problem finding you! So flipping weird!! On the top right and side where all the Twitter and FB buttons are there is a “+” – that should take you straight to our blog on bloglovin.

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