Easter Was so Much Fun Y’all

I don’t know when I got all American y’all, but let’s just take the bull by the horns and run with it.

Much like many fellow South Africans and the rest of the World, our Easter Sunday was filled with copious amounts of chocolate, Easter Bunny hunts and much loved family time.

We were so blessed by Woolworths this year with an awesome chocolate hunt for my kids that included the sweetest signs and everything.  Surprisingly I even managed to hide it from them until Easter Sunday morning which is actually quite and achievement on my part and all the eggs still being there was a super achievement on Seth’s part.


Our morning started with the girls running into the lounge but finding that the Easter Bunny had not in fact been – they couldn’t understand why he hadn’t hidden his stuff inside like he had so many times before, but what they didn’t know is that while I was getting them dressed and distracting them in their room, Seth was busy hiding all their goodies in our slightly overgrown garden.  When they found out that he’d been outside you couldn’t contain their excitement!  They rushed out there like the eggs would disappear.

















After we divided the stash up evenly (we are all for fair over here) we got ready for church and then after church we went for lunch at Moyo at Kirstenbosch Gardens with Seths family.











What came next was just crazy.  The kids were invited to ANOTHER egg hunt with the rest of Seth’s family.  We walked away with a FULL Woolies packet of treats to add to what we already had.  While I am very thankful for the love that our family has for each other and the need to spoil our kids, the amount of chocolate was bordering on ridiculous.  You don’t believe me?  Check it:


I know right?  Cray cray to the max.  So we chatted to the girls about how crazy it is that they have so much and that we need to share, gave them their bag to fill up with their favourites and then that we were going to give the rest away.  They managed to part with this without any tears whatsoever.


Then because we were having friends over the next day, Seth thought it would be cool if the girls hid the eggs for Leah and Elijah and they were so excited.  It was so much fun and really helped them experience the joy of giving.  However next time, I think that we may find a kids home or something where they probably wouldn’t have received anything at all and share it with them too.


5 thoughts on “Easter Was so Much Fun Y’all

  1. First of all that amount of eggs is sinful! hahah!! Second of all, while all your children are absolutely adorable, I HAVE to say it again.. KNOX IS SO LOVELY!!!! The look on his face on those three pics where he is sitting with the girls on the wall.. OH MY WORD, MY OVARIES LITERALLY ACHE!!!! xx Happy Easter!

  2. Great fun for the kids – loads of chocs – I didn’t have any 🙂 I love the pics of the three of them on the wall – just fabulous!

  3. A very sweet post! Literally and figuratively hehe 😀 Again thanks to your precious girls for sharing their stash with Leah!! She is still enjoying the eggs almost a week later!! And she has had easter eggs every day since the Easter egg hunt! LOL 😀 Love the pic’s but have to agree that the one with Knox on the wall with the girls is my favourite!! 🙂 xx

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