Sometimes Life Is Weird

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Sometimes being sick is just what you need to have a mandatory break.

Frankly I am actually slightly grateful for it.  Even though the kids might not understand that Mommy isn’t feeling great and so playing “catch-catch” is not my first priority.  But they aren’t feeling great either so we are just a bunch of sickies hanging out together making it through to the end of the day.

It sounds more glamorous than it is though.  Add snot on most surfaces, a cacophony of coughing at any given moment and tantrums that are not only confined to the kids and that is probably a more accurate description.


This morning I walked into the kitchen to make the kids lunches while they sat at the table eating their breakfast.  My sudden girly screams startled them but I couldn’t help myself.  The floor was covered with creepy, crawly maggots that were pouring out of the bin like lava or something.  (Thanks long weekend)

Obviously Seth had already left for work, so I shouted, ‘OH NO, I don’t know what to do?!  What do I do?!  Aaaah, this is so gross.  Stay away girls.

So I carefully dodged the maggots to get to the cleaning cupboard to find some kind of spray, but obviously we only had Dylfea (who has that even?), but I tried it anyway.  Here’s a heads up…  It doesn’t work.  Not even close.

At a total loss of what to do I just swept them up into the dustpan and then stood there like a chop, petrified that they would crawl up the handle of the dustpan.

The girls helpfully suggested that, “I put them back in their home” or “let them go and make the honey for us to eat“, but after explaining that flies are not bees, I decided that the best course of action was to plop the creepies in the toilet and flush.

So if you happen to hear a blood curdling scream in the next few days it’s probably because the buggers came back up the toilet while I was on it.

But after going to the Doctor and being booked off for the next 2 days, I did what any good sick person does – tried to work while watching TV (I’m SICK OK!).  Obviously day time TV kind of dictates that you have to watch Hoarders – Buried Alive.   OH my freaking word.  What the heck people?!  This lady had two dogs crapping IN her house for OVER A YEAR and never cleaned it up.

Which leads me to why life is weird.

We left one dustbin for not even a week and we had maggots – how on Earth did this crazy woman survive in her house?  How did they not eat her alive?


7 thoughts on “Sometimes Life Is Weird

  1. We’ve had maggots in our outside bin before, totally freaked me out. Just for the record, even other bug sprays like Doom didn’t work, so the toilet was probably your best strategy anyway! Hope you feel better x

  2. i have had that happen to me and the best solution is to pour boiling water over them ( kills them instantly) and them clean up.

  3. Hahahahahahahahahhahaha – I totally hate them too. We went away once for a weekend and left a neighbours child to feed the dogs – 2 days. Went to clean up the left over dog food (soft) and obviously this child (12) had just piled new onto old! Maggots – I screamed, shuddered, threw the dish in the garden and shrieked and shivered some more. Tried sprays, Javel, then hit on boiling water – that works! Poor you – so gross! The closest I had to maggots in the kitchen was a chewed up snake in pieces (apparently the cat had found a snake someone had killed and left lying around and brought it home in the night, I wore specs then and hadn’t put them on so walked in the kitchen in the morning and wondered with my blurry eyes what was on the floor – took a close look and almost had a heart attack – ex was there – he got to clean it up! I was also barefoot but luckily didn’t stand on it! Gives me the heebeejeebies just remembering it!

  4. Maggots have ruined 2 of my days this year. Learnt the only way to kill is boiling water but flushing done the toilet also works. They aren’t actually too gross – I used to fish with them – what can I say my hubby loves fishing and it was young love – but those maggots were grain fed and not crawling across my kitchen floor! In hot weather I now have a tupperware in the fridge/freezer for leftovers until bin day. It’s just so typical when you aren’t well to then have those buggers to flush. Those hoarders have lost their sense of smell – besides their marbles – don’t know how people can get that bad! Hope you are feeling better

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