The Bloopers Reel From The Sticky Fudge Photo Shoot

Do you remember going into the video shop and standing there perusing the New Releases and deliberating at length with your movie partner about what to watch?  My favourite were always the comedies (romcoms included) and the best part about hiring them was that they would often include a bloopers reel option that you could watch after the movie.  It was even better when they put is as part of their credits at the end (because who actually gets DVD’s nowadays?  DSTV doesn’t put the bloopers on).

Well, we have our own version of the Sticky Fudge photo shoot bloopers, because even though we managed to get a lot of really gorgeous shots, we also managed to get a few bloopers.  This is mostly because she’s 3 and doesn’t really enjoy being told what to do.

Although my first reaction was to be more than just slightly embarrassed by her craziness I realised that this is who she is.  She is wild, she is crazy, she has a mind of her own and I love her so dearly for it.  I would not change this little person in anyway and I can’t wait to spend many more blooper moments with her in the future.

Oh and by the way, the last one totally kills me.

















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