Root 44 – A Super Fun Day Out

We have recently come to realise that although we absolutely LOVE to go on adventures and stay at little guest houses all over the country, sometimes the budget just doesn’t allow it.  Is this sad?  Yes abso-freaking-lutely.  But does that stop us from getting out there to see what our gorgeous city has to offer us?  Hells to the no!

After being chilling out in Sea Point for a whole day and then being treated to a day out in Paarl, we realised that you don’t have to stay over to enjoy all the amazing things that lie just an hour away from our very doorstep!  Setting out in the morning for a random destination with the intention to explore and experience is quite thrilling.  Plus you come back to all your necessities while feeling like you’ve been on a mini holiday.  Win-win in my books.

So on Saturday we left the house at 9.30.  First we popped into the Summer Market in Pinelands.  Honestly I wasn’t expecting much, so I was absolutely surprised to be offered a range of different banting/paleo/Tim Noakes breakfast options!  It was well priced and the kids got to meet a domesticated goose!  (The joy of markets is that you just never know what you are going to get).

Then off we went to meet friends at the Root 44 market.  They are open every Saturday and Sunday – rain or shine (as the whole thing is under cover).  Check out their website for any more info that you need.

We arrived, parked in the ample parking bays and ventured inside…  We found gorgeous pottery, clothing, toys, decor, furniture and so much more.  And that’s not even mentioning the food, wine and craft beer!   Real highlights for me were Kitchen Cowboys (I heard about their steak rolls on the radio the other day and they definitely did not disappoint), the Ice Cream Ninja (check out this video on Seth’s Instagram – this is after he ninja chopped some jelly eggs into the ice cream – they make so many different options, but after cheating with the steak roll I couldn’t commit to another cheat as seriously tempting as they were) and the general friendly, happy vibe that everyone had.

We met up with friends and had a glorious afternoon.  As usual I think that pictures often speak louder than words so here are quite a lot of shots of the day – so many good ones I could stop myself from going a bit photo crazy.




























6 thoughts on “Root 44 – A Super Fun Day Out

  1. I absolutely love this market. We live very close by but only recently discovered this gem!. Biscuit mill has its own appeal, but this one is so much more people friendly…..with alot more space and much more relaxing. Really a great morning out! And also great for kids!

    • I totally agree – the Biscuit Mill is awesome when Seth and I get a morning alone together, but moving the kids around there is a nightmare.

  2. A friend and I were there on Saturday with out little ones too, and were so impressed by how family friendly it is! Definitely worth another visit!

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