I’m A Mom With Tattoos – Cath From Cath Jenkin

Welcome back to another installment in our new series – I’m A Mom With Tattoos.  In case you have missed the last couple, don’t forget to check them out here.

Does anyone know where the pause button is?  I feel like it was just yesterday that I was sitting in front of my computer getting to know more about Megan and her tattoos and suddenly we are here again – about to get a look into the stories of yet another amazing Mom and her tattoos.



Black and White Images captured by Diane Cassells Pictures

My cup of something yummy has recently become coconut milk hot chocolate.  Maybe not everyone’s cup of hot chocolate but it’s really yummy – maybe I’ll share the recipe soon.  Anyway, today we get to meet the lovely Cath who happens to have a GRACE tattoo and gets a tiny bit of flak for having forearm tattoos – snapsies 😉

Your name and blog deets: Cath Jenkin – I blog over at www.cathjenkin.com or www.cathjenkin.wordpress.com

Your age: 33

Your Occupation: Media Consultant, Writer and occasional Mad Hatter.


A Mom’s favourite thing to do is talk about their children – tell us about your family: We’re a family of 3 – Myself, my daughter (who is 8) and my boyfriend, Paul. Whilst we’re considered non-nuclear, we’re a little triangle of people who run on love.

If you work, tell us a bit more about your working environment – are you regularly in contact with new “clients/public”.   As a writer and media consultant, I freelance to a number of companies and agencies across South Africa.

Tell us a bit about your tattoos, what they are, why you have them, where they are located:

Technically, I have 5 tattoos, because my first tattoo has been added on to. I have tattoos on my upper back, lower back and both forearms.


I have a crab on my lower back (for me, that represents myself); A star on my upper back (which I had done after my daughter was born).


I also have the word “grace” on one arm and a floral tattoo on the other forearm. I had “grace” tattooed on my arm when I was going through a very uncertain phase of my life, and decided I wanted a word to remind me of something. Funnily enough, years later, my godchild was born and her name is Grace. So now it has a double meaning for me! The floral tattoo on my other forearm represents my very precious nieces.

How old were you when you got your first tattoo: I was 24, and it was a small spiral on my lower back. I had work done on it a year later which morphed it into a crablike design. A dear friend designed it for me one day by the pool!

Which tattoo is your favourite and why? Each of them have very specific meanings for me, so I couldn’t pick a favourite. But I do know that having the word “Grace” on my arm has helped me to remember to keep my grace in certain situations!

Do you plan on getting more? Yes! I would like to get a tattoo that represents my parents. I’m not sure yet on what it should be, so I’m waiting for the perfect idea to land in my mind.

How do your family and friends feel about your tattoo(s)? Generally, they’re supportive. When I had my first tattoo done, I was *very* hesitant to tell my parents but, eventually, they found out as I forgot to hide the care instructions leaflet that I’d stuck on my fridge. My mom popped over for tea one day, saw it and gulped “who has a tattoo?” and the jig was up.

What is the general reaction that “the Public” have towards your tattoos?  Have you run into any negativity or adversity because of them? I’ve had some interesting comments on my tattoos, but never – weirdly – from the people I actually work with! I’ve had a range of people tell me that they think people wouldn’t work with me, because I have forearm tattoos. Yet, I’ve never once dealt with anyone who wouldn’t work with me because of my tattoos. Funny that!

Any advice for those interested in getting tattooed? When looking for a tattoo artist, find a reputable one. Go on word of mouth, and the advice of friends, first – because they’ll be the most honest with you! Make sure your artist is someone you trust, and that their studio is meticulously clean. Ask a million questions (don’t be shy!) and be very certain of the design you’d like. Getting a tattoo on a whim is a bad idea, and any good tattoo artist would refuse to do it if you’ve just decided on a whim, and/or aren’t sure of the design.  If it’s your first tattoo, take a friend with you to document the process. Most of all, understand that – yes – this will be on your body for the rest of your life. Having a tattoo is a lifelong commitment – you wouldn’t marry someone on a whim, so don’t get tattooed on a whim.

Cath also wrote about being a Mom with tattoos over on Parent24 – go and check it out, I for one could definitely relate!
Also, if you are a Mom with tattoos and would like to get in on the action here and share your story, mail/tweet me and I’ll send you everything you have to know.

5 thoughts on “I’m A Mom With Tattoos – Cath From Cath Jenkin

  1. I am surprised at how normal everyone is! lol But I must say I really love colour tattoos – also interesting that that the tattoos have meanings to you all – they are not ‘just’ tattoos.

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