It’s Happening Today! Knox Dishes His View Of Sticky Fudge Autumn 2014

Since we’re all about equality and stuff, it’s only fair that since we have given you a sneak peak of the girls range for Autumn that we should do the boys range too.

I know Knox would approve, because getting to do exactly what his sisters get to do is what he’s all about right now.  Even if that means standing on the coffee table and jumping onto the couch with the hugest dimple grin on his face – while my heart stops beating for those few seconds that he’s flying through the air.  Sometimes I wish I had his reckless abandon for life.


But seeing as Knox can’t tell you what his favourites are, I’m going to tell you on his behalf.

You see, we have a special relationship…  I can basically read his mind.  And hiding in there along with visions of bottles, balls and his farm animals that he knows by name are these gorgeous outfits.  Trust me.  OK, fine…  But I know I’m dreaming of them on his behalf so that sort of counts right?!  Cos seriously, how flipping cute would he look in these!

I love how versatile, warm and comfortable each of these pieces are.

Here is my Top 10 Looks for Boys from Sticky Fudge’s Autumn 2014 Collection.AW14-237 AW14-250 AW14-22 AW14-92 AW14-176 AW14-178 AW14-193 AW14-215 (1) AW14-216 AW14-223


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