Psst… Riya Also Has A Sneak Peak For You (Sticky Fudge Autumn 2014)


Pssst….  Word on the street is that the launch is possibly going to happen today – if that happens you heard it here first…  If it doesn’t come back and read this post again tomorrow 😉

Last week Kyla had a little sneak peak of what the new line of Sticky Fudge – our favourite clothing brand – will have in store for you this Autumn, so it’s only fair that Riya also has a chance to let you know what her favourites are too.  Everything is about taking turns in our house right now so it’s only fair that we follow suite on the blog too.

Riya actually had the chance to see the range in person, as she was one of the super cute models this season (so you might spot her in some of the launch pictures on their website and Facebook Page in the next couple of weeks – that’s if they find any good ones where she wasn’t growling at the camera.  I’m not even joking.  Growling at the camera.  Never a dull moment with this kid.)  She loved the clothes that we had on for her so much that I actually struggled to get her out of them to leave.  I am waiting with baited breath to get my hands on those pictures!



Anyway, here are Riya’s Top 5 Looks for the Sticky Fudge Autumn 2014 Season.  Surprisingly Kyla and Riya actually shared a couple of favourites, which blows my mind a little because they each prefer to dress differently in terms of colours and patterns (when they get the chance to pull the clothes out their cupboard).  Again, it just shows me that their style is their own and I can only pretend to know what they like and also helps me to realise what I put my Mom through for like, the last 27 years.

I got them to choose the looks with me and then a couple of days later I got them to tell me why they liked that specific look.  I recorded it to make sure I get it right so here are her answers word for word…

“Cos why I like cats”


“Cos why um, have dese and dese and dese and this and this and this and this”  *points to everything*AW14-78

“Um, cos why I did choose it.”AW14-110

“Because why I do like flowers and grey”AW14-138

Me, “So Riya, why did you like this one?”

Riya, “But I don’t like this one.”

Me, “But you do like this one, you chose this one, why did you like it?”

Riya, “Um, I do like blue and grey and yellow and red”  *Ed’s note – I don’t know if you spotted it, but there’s no red in there that I can see?*


*This is not a sponsored post – I am not receiving any money by posting this.  However, they are a wonderful affiliate of this blog*


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