Pssst… Kyla Has A Sneak Peak For You. (Sticky Fudge Autumn 2014)


It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Sticky Fudge.  And not only for our kids – seriously, if I could squeeze myself into some of their designs I totally would.  But it’s also no secret that even though I like something, my girls don’t always agree.

OK, you got me, they hardly ever agree.

So when we got the opportunity of having a sneak peak into the (soon to be launched) Autumn Range of Sticky Fudge, I decided that instead of ME telling you which ones are my favourite, I would rather let the girls tell you.  After all, they are the ones that will wear it right?

After checking out the range I definitely had my favourites and assumed that when I let Kyla sit with me and pick her Top 5 Looks, they would all have something pink in them and that we wouldn’t have any of the same looks in common.  It goes to show that you actually just never know…

I was totally surprised with her favourites so I we sat down and I asked her to tell me why she liked each of the looks that she chose.  So here she is (sporting last seasons Sticky Fudge jersey)



“Cos why, of the grey and blue and the lellow.  Cos why it have a bow inside it”


“I like to wear kirts, my favourite thing ta wear”

“Cos why I like grey and lellow and kirts and grey stripy socks and bows”

“Cos why, I like pink and grey together cos it looks pretty”AW14-97

“Cos why it have dots on it and dots on it.  I like carfs.”  Ed’s note – she wears scarfs for like 2 seconds before pulling them off!AW14-114

*This is not a sponsored post – I am not receiving any money by posting this.  However, they are a wonderful affiliate of this blog*

6 thoughts on “Pssst… Kyla Has A Sneak Peak For You. (Sticky Fudge Autumn 2014)

  1. Hello – found you somehow, not sure how 🙂

    Whenever Naartjie release their new stock I put all the things I think are gorgeous in my basket. Then I ask my 8 yr old what she likes – and maybe one or two of my choices stay. Interesting! Yet she loves what I buy her to wear? Love love love Sticky Fudge x

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