A Little Obsession – Everyone Should Have One

So as it turns out, I might be a little bit more attached to my sweet potato plants than what is considered normal.

But who cares about normal anyway?


Since getting them started just 3 weeks ago, my little babies have been growing like wild fire – really just exploding in both the growth of the stems, but also the intricate pink roots.  It has been so interesting being able to literally watch it grow, I can see a change in them almost daily.

Even though no one else seems to share my enthusiasm about it.  I talk to the girls about the roots and their only comment was, “Wow, Mommy – da roots are pink! My fa-orite colour!” and then they carry on doing whatever they were doing before I interrupted them.  However Seth shocked me the other day with a super cool idea to start getting the slips going so that we can actually plant them one day.

Have any of you tried it out yet?  How’s it worked out for you?






2014-03-05 15.38.04

10 thoughts on “A Little Obsession – Everyone Should Have One

  1. I don’t think slips will work for potato plants. Advise plant as is into soil and soon enough you will have more potatoes in the bag/pot/ wherever plant into Good luck with this project and glad it brings you such pleasure.

  2. Hi Cindy! You are either going to laugh, or you’re going to be super excited…That’s right, I’ve started my own sweet potato plant! Eeep – too much of excitement on my side! I plan on blogging about it as soon as it’s a little bigger (plan on tagging your posts in too if ok?). Go, go sweet potato!!

    • Yay!! No laughing from me don’t worry, actually quite chuffed that I am not going to be the only “crazy sweet potato lady” anymore 😉 She thing – link on up 🙂

  3. Great success! My plant is thriving and I am ridiculously proud…lol!! Did a small post on my pride and joy – Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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