Some Fights Aren’t Worth Having

One part of my day that I least enjoy is getting ready for work in the morning.

It means getting out of my bed that I feel like I’ve only just gotten into, getting myself ready, as well as the girls.  We have a routine going that seems to be working – they complain till I give them cereal, then I jump into the shower.  While I’m getting dressed they are supposed to find their shoes and just stay out of trouble.

For a very long time I would pick out what I thought they should wear – colour and pattern co-ordinated obviously.  However they wanted nothing to do it with, which would inevitable involve lots of tears (from both of us) and then I would either win the battle (if I’d had a good enough sleep and my patience was still perky) or I would just throw my hands up in the air and wave them around like I just didn’t care.

Because seriously.  They are going to school.  They get paint on their clothes.  They play in the sand.  They fall.  They get dirty.  It is definitely not the place for them to be wearing my carefully chosen outfits from Sticky Fudge.

So now, they basically dress themselves.  Actually yesterday morning Riya didn’t even wait for me, she had already gotten out of her PJ’s and into her desired outfit before Seth even left the house.  It’s quite helpful really and seeing the combinations that they choose really shows their personality – Kyla often tends to put on as much pink as possible whereas Riya will just add random colour over random pattern with who knows what on the side.

As frustrating as it can sometimes be for me to just let them express themselves without my interference, it really has been a joy to watch them show this little facet of themselves.  When we’ve not been running too exceptionally late, we stop to take a quick photo.


If Kyla is wearing a skirt it is imperative that it is tucked in ALL the way around – Riya could not be bothered either way.  Riya likes having her “running shoes” on where Kyla prefers the carefree airiness of the brightest sandals that she can find.IMG_20140128_155032

On the day that they dressed like twins the teachers had a real struggle in telling them apart.  IMG_20140129_185921




Who knows what they will come up with next as we head into Autumn and laying – the options are literally endless.

3 thoughts on “Some Fights Aren’t Worth Having

  1. I’ve started to let Lil Mister choose hrs clothes but tend to only give him limited options to choose from otherwise he wants to year his little brothers shoes that are way to small lol!! The girls have really good fashion sense though Their outfits aren’t crazy like some kids!!!

  2. I am having the same issues with Jack except once he has an outfit he refuses to take it off. We literally have to pull it off so we can wash it because he wears it to school, sleeps in it etc!

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