Love how these posts just sum up exactly what’s going on right now, because without them I can’t seem to get it all together.  Having a couple of fuzzy brain days, just can’t seem to get proper thoughts in my head, nevermind onto paper.

Listening To:  I’m trying not to listen to all the Oscar hype – but it’s everywhere.  Plus I struggle with FOMO and I have this annoying need to know what’s going on.  But in terms of actual music, I’m really digging Miley Cyrus.  Don’t judge me.  I just really love the latest single “Adore You” – can’t help but make it my song that I think of when I think of Seth.

Feeling Thankful For:  All your supportive, understanding and advice filled comments on my emo skin post.  Feeling like I am finally on the right track in the process to fix my face.  The update is that since I took the time and found out my diagnosis (dermatitis) I updated the lady that I have been working with for the last couple of months and I have started using a medicated day cream which I can see is already making a small difference – even though it’s only been 4 days that I have been using it.  I also cancelled my appointment with the dermie and instead made an appointment with a Doc that also does homeopathic stuff.  I’d prefer not to have to use a whole pile of chemicals to sort it out – I think there is some value in trying to do things naturally rather than a quick fix.

If all else fails I’m going to knock back a course of antibiotics and hope for the best.

Thinking About: So many things.  Mostly about our current situation that we are facing in SA and the terrible stats about the abuse and violence against our women and children.  I heard on the news yesterday about a girl who disappeared 2 days before Christmas in 2012, the body was found a week later.  Yet the family still have no closure because they are still waiting for “lab results”.  Like seriously?  It’s 2014 now.

Surely the money going into the media frenzy of the Oscar trial would be better off used in those labs.  And also the man that raped the 3 year old girl in Delft…  The neighbours burnt his house down (good on them) and I can’t help but wonder why he was not locked in the house at the time?!

Eating: Going through a phase of making wheat, dairy and sugar free chocolate goodies.  The chocolate ice cream and honey nut bars are my favourite things that I have tried so far and I can’t stop making them.  Once I finally get my hands on coconut or almond flour the world will be my deliciously tasting oyster.

Watching: Since Breaking Bad has ended I feel almost like we are missing a family member – nothing to turn to in the evenings.  Although I am still enjoying Downton Abbey, Revenge, Suburbgatory, Sherlock and Elementary.

Bummed Out On: Not feeling great.  Weirdly getting temperatures, then hot flushes and sweating.  Knox is still recovering from his tummy bug and not sleeping at all and Riya has a cough.  Basically – we are out of commission for play dates right now – although these are the times that you feel like you really need them.

Loving:  That we get to celebrate another year with Ma.  We celebrated her birthday at “Moneky Balley” on Sunday and had such a fun time together as a family.  It still amazes me how everyone can talk at the same time, but everyone else can still know what’s going on with all the conversations!  Incredible and noisy – I am sure the other patrons were glad when we left 😉



IMG_1330I love that even though this last picture is out of focus, you can still see the beauty that is Monkey Valley – so weird to think that almost 7 years to the day ago we were celebrating our wedding there!

2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Love this post, and am so glad to hear that your skin is already looking better!! Re the almond and coconut flour, I have always found them at my local SuperSpar, but they are also avail at Dis-Chem.

  2. So glad that you are mostly over the awful stress of your skin problems and are managing to think more clearly.

    Remember to get a medical check up if you continue to have low grade temperatures etc. Both times I have had long term tiredness/low fevers and various other minor symptoms but didn’t feel right, I eventually saw female doctors and was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis about 7 years ago, and 6 weeks ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. The male doctors tend to think you are paranoid , depressed or a hypochondriac – or all three. They don’t say it – you just know what they are thinking.

    Hope you are all better soon!

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