Sea Point – You Beauty

When I think of awesome destination places to go in Cape Town, I’ll be honest – Sea Point is not even in my Top 10.  Well, let me correct that – it wasn’t until we decided to just wing it and spend an entire day in the area.

Although it’s just around the corner from us (as everything is in Cape Town), I never thought of it as a desirable place to go.  Yes, I know it has a Promenade, but like…  I don’t run.  My kids don’t run – unless they have something that they are trying to hide from me.  But that’s not all there is to it and I was naive to think that it was.

When we had been in the area before, all I saw when I looked at the beach was a bunch of shells, broken glass and rocks.  But now with the new ‘I don’t care what happens, let’s just have fun” attitude that I adopted for the day, it was a haven of rock pools where we could see little fishies swimming around, where we could pick up and examine all of the different kind of shells, a chance to just take in nature and all that it has to offer.  It was exciting.  You could tell that the kids really enjoyed seeing all the new things and getting a chance to get all full of sandy shellness.


It was glorious.  I really recommend it.  I feel kind of like I had a little holiday all in one day (as you can see by the huge amount of pictures that I couldn’t stop taking!).






















6 thoughts on “Sea Point – You Beauty

  1. Great pics. I miss aspects of living in that part of Cape Town and long walks along the prom and parks – beautiful part of the world

  2. Fabulous – used to love taking my kids to the beach when we lived in Strand about 30 years ago! There definitely weren’t so many shells there. Great fun for little ones!

  3. Gorgeous pics. Have you guys done Greenpoint Park? It’s like right there. We actually haven’t done Sea Point in a while – am going to add it to our list again. Our new favourite place is Eden on the Bay. They can ride bikes or you can take a beach walk – loads of restaurants there as well. We go there at least twice a month and make a day of it. Breakfast, skateboards, bikes, beach walks and and and. Take your kids there!

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