On Blogs, Bloggers and Blogging

*Disclaimer*  This is a touchy topic – I’m no expert – so feel free to weigh in and give me your opinion.


You know when something has been running through your mind for a while, and you’ve got lots and lots of thoughts on the matter but you can’t seem to regulate them to make sense?  I’ve had this issue with blogging/bloggers for so long, but I just couldn’t get it to come out right.

But it all culminated yesterday when I read the comments section of this post on Sometimes Sweet.

For me blogging is about capturing the pieces of our lives that I want to remember and that I want the kids to remember.  Ensuring that our blog contains original and interesting content is a battle that I face all the time.  I have no delusions of grandeur in thinking that people will actually pay me money to do it – although I’m obviously not adverse to it, (because money) but I am not expecting it to happen.

At the moment advertising via bloggers is still very limited here in South Africa.  The bloggers that are connected to big brands are sort of revered while the rest of us just amble through, and for the moment it really comes across as a “cut throat” business (even though it’s not a business – because successful business means money!).

Everyone is in it to win it and it’s like a huge competition. I honestly can’t even say that I have made friends blogging, because although I have made connections, it’s like trying to become a cheerleader when you’re the most uncoordinated kid in the class.

Every blogger and their cat wants to be selected by PR companies to do “sponsored” posts or get things from awesome brands to review (and keep) – I don’t think that I am alone in the pang of jealousy I get when others have an awesome giveaway.  I mean, I’m happy for them, but like, why not me?  Then I want to smack myself upside the head because we have been super blessed here at 321, we have had more giveaways and reviews than I ever thought possible.

As you can see, I sometimes lose sight of what my goal is here.  Jealousy is not my goal.  In fact letting jealousy eat up even one little bit of my happiness just isn’t worth it.  Even worse is any self pity.  Easy to say, but it’s hard to not take these kinds of things personally when you pour a little bit of your heart and soul into every post for the world to see.

So with all that in the back of your head, can you as a reader, tell me what you think about 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House?  

Take this little survey to tell me how you feel about sponsored posts, but then also stop by the comments to let me know what you enjoy reading about on our little corner of the web.  Is it the I’m A Mom With Tattoos posts that interest you, is it the general parentingness that you relate to?  

Let me know what you think, I can take it.

17 thoughts on “On Blogs, Bloggers and Blogging

  1. Just enjoy ur honesty on raising ur kids and ur day to day events that u blog about and dont get me wrong the giveaways are great but if u didnt have i would still follow u

  2. To be honest, I find sponsored posts a bit ‘fake’ and boring, even if I can win something (which I never do anyways) my intent on going to your blog is to read your blog, not to see what I can win or how to clean a stain from a sweater using X product (however helpful it may be) I enjoy your blog because it is honest, funny, original and I can relate to it on some level. Honest posts that come from the heart are incredible to read *. I look to forward to reading your posts 1st thing in the morning before I start work with my cup of coffee and no one around me to bother me 🙂 *just my opinion* 🙂

  3. Sponsored posts (not preferable, but I dont mind) or not you have a fab blog! In my opinion you are mum/wife/woman writing honest posts about your family and everyday life, which are enjoyable to read, partly as I went to school with Seth, but also because I can relate to them, being a similar age, and having kids around the same age. Keep on doing what you’re doing xxx

  4. You’ve hit the nail on the head about the “cut throat business” of blogging. I know I am nowhere near getting noticed by PR firms and such, but I do know that what I write is 200% authentic and true. And I get the same feeling from your blog. You share bits and pieces of your life, allowing us into your most sacred place – your home and family life. That’s amazing, and to me – far more valuable than any advert or sponsored post!

  5. Just read the comments on sometimes sweet and I think they are RIDICULOUS! Only reason I dont always like sponsored posts is when they are only about a specific item! How close-minded of those people, who would say no to free tyres when all you have to do is write a normal post about a road trip and include the name of the brand of tyres…. some people just like to complain, jealousy maybe?

  6. So I have been thinking about how to comment on this for far too long and whatever I write doesn’t really express how I feel adequately since this is such a tricky topic. This is a discussion for over a glass of wine – what I can say is that I have similar feelings about this and also looking for the perfect balance between a successful blog and a happy blogger.

    • A chat over a glass of wine sounds like exactly what we need! At the moment not many (any) of my friends blog frequently (or at all) and just chatting things over with people in the same situation is so helpful. xo

  7. I am not married and do not have any children, so it is interesting to read your experiences. I would read your blog irrespective of whether there are sponsored posts or not. It’s just that good 🙂

  8. I’m a Nana and I love your blog – love competitions too, especially when I win! Sometimes it’s difficult to keep your mind going in a straight line – I think it’s normal for us because we have to always juggle what is going on in our busy lives and our minds go off at tangents!

    • Thank you for your feedback Ailsa – it’s so lovely to know that our blog doesn’t only appeal to Mom’s in the thick of it now, but also to the their Moms! xox

  9. Wow, those comments on that other blog, just WOW. If you don’t like it, just don’t read it. It’s quite simple! I don’t mind any kind of post, if it is one that doesn’t interest me, I just skip over it. Even on blogs that I read regularly and bloggers who I really enjoy (yourself included), if you or anyone else writes a post that doesn’t interest me, I just skip it until your next post. I am not going to hold it against you, this is your space to do with whatever you like!

  10. I think that sponsored posts can work if you really like the product and its suitable for your audience and you’re honest about it. But I agree – this blogging world is not always that friendly! I suppose the trick is to just be yourself and eventually you’ll make blogging friends (I don’t have any real life friends who blog either, so it can feel a bit lonely!). Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working;)

  11. Honestly for me, there is nothing more off putting that visiting a blog and every single post is a give away. I never enter blog giveaways because I’m a complete cynic so I visit for content, blogs like yours are the sort that I keep coming back to because I love reading your stories, I nod along because I’m a mom too and I get what you mean, I bookmark because hmm that sounds awesome, I should try that….
    As far as making blog friends, it can be a lot like that cheerleading analogy. With my blog I write about what I know, what I love and and if a brand I adore comes along and wants to work with me, fabulous, but if not it’s ok too.
    I’m get jealous of bloggers that get good comments lol, if there’s one thing I would love is is an engaging blog audience! Not just an audience out for free shit

  12. I generally read all posts, sponsored or not, give-away or not because I still think you shine through on these posts. I understand you need to keep all readers interested, but it irks me when people only come out of the woodworks or only comment when there are give-aways. I think you will succeed whether you have give-aways or not. And although they don’t always comment, I think you have much more readers than you realise. I’m not one for change, so I like the blog as it started out and what it is at the moment, people who are just in it for the fame/money will soon have people losing interest, definitely keep doing what you’re doing.

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