How To Make Your Own Sweet Potato House Plants – It’s Weird – But I Like It.


Since moving into our new house I have been a lot happier.  I didn’t think that ones surroundings mattered as much as The Sims made it out to be, but it turns out that they might have been right.  I’m not going to rehash why the old house was a problem, but just trust me, it had issues.

It wasn’t until we really settled into this house and got all our stuff up on the walls and really made it our own before I realised that I really LOVE coming home.  It’s not a sad thing anymore (this could also be because the kids are growing up and we actually spend proper quality time together in the afternoons and not just a massive crying session).


After I give the kids a kiss good night and finish giving Knox his bottle, I tell them all to be quite and go to sleep.  Then I sit there and get lost in the Pinterest world on my phone.  I have to sit there with them, so I might as well make it enjoyable.  I stare at ideas and wonder how I can implement the idea or the concept in my own home.  You see, my favourite things to pin are home decor ideas – with a couple of kids crafts thrown in for good measure.

But recently it’s felt like something was missing in our lounge area.  I couldn’t put my finger on it until one night when I was on a pinning frenzy and I noticed that almost everything that I pined happened to contain a beautiful looking houseplant…  We had no plants.  Not one single living plant had made it into our house.  It’s been bugging me.  For a really long time.

I suppose a normal person would just go out and get a plant, but for us as the moment money could be better used elsewhere (damn you interest rate people, damn you).

So I sat and waited.


Then one day I looked over at our vegetable bowl and saw that all my sweet potatoes had grown into a forest – all by themselves.  At first I put an Instagram up asking people if I could still eat them even though they were basically house plants now, but I realised (after posting) that I forgot to mention the word “eat” in my description.  Everyone started telling me how cool they are as plants – especially house plants and suddenly I had my answer.


Luckily I had some jars left over from the “brownie in a jar” idea and all I had to do was get the labels off.  Which was awesome, because besides a sweet potato, that is the only other thing that you need to get started (unless your potato is too narrow for the jar in which case you may need a few toothpicks).

Thanks to 17 Apart who have loads more tips on the how to actually grow your own sweet potatoes – for now, I’m sticking with just having them as plants and then seeing how far we get.


It took me maybe 5 minutes to find everything and do the first one, but now we have 4 happily living around the house.  Every time I look at them they make me smile.  They have also taken really well and I’ve already seen (in only 2 days) how much they have grown up towards the light – incredible.







I can’t wait for them to start growing roots – they are going to look so cool.

9 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Sweet Potato House Plants – It’s Weird – But I Like It.

  1. Yours looks great, I’ve been trying really hard to get one growing on our kitchen windowsill but I think it may have Bud-nip on it so I might need to find myself an organic one so it can actually grow!

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