Momi Baby Bags – Review And GIVEAWAY!

Jeepers.  Was it hot this weekend or was it hot?  I’ll give you a clue.

It was hot.

But not as hot as this giveaway!  *Said in the cheesiest Glomail salesman voice ever*.

Seriously though, it was so hot that I actually swam in our pool.  It sounds ridiculous (because it is) – since moving here in October last year, I have not once been deeper into our pool than just the first step.  That is really the ultimate way to describe how hot today was.


So let’s talk about baby bags and then Momi Baby Bags specifically.

Since having Kyla we have been through about 5 baby bags.  Our first one we had hand made to not only be a baby bag, but something that could double up as my handbag at the same time.  (The first time Momness made me think that this was a good idea because, like we would never be apart or anything right?  So it doesn’t matter that I am horribly useless at remembering to transfer my stuff back to my bag when I had to leave her). But it worked out just fine because just after Kyla was born we found out that we were pregnant with Riya.  It was quite convenient having one bags with 2 sides for their different needs.

But it suffered.  Two babies can do that to a bag.  So we stumbled through others that never really felt right until we were gifted with one that suited us and the varying needs that having 3 babies (Knox followed Riya just over two years later) could bring.  So far it’s still standing, it may be missing a few zips, but it is still standing.

When we were given the “After Dark” Momi Baby Bag to review I seriously had to sit down and think about whether I wanted to keep it all to myself, or share it with one of you lovlies.  It was a hard choice, considering that:

  • You can see how much love and detail went into creating this bag with gorgeous Chinese Silk Brocade
  • It has built in stroller straps for easy access
  • There is a large padded change mat neatly folded up inside
  • So much care has been taken in crafting this product, you can see it in all the little details like the adjustable shoulder strap, the protective metal base studs, the wide zip top opening and the silver nickel hardware
  • Convenience is the name of the game with two outer pockets for bottles or drinks AND four internal pockets including a diaper and wipes pouch and mommy pocket
  • Key/Pacifier clip attachment (genius!)
  • One year warranty on any manufacturing defects



You can see why I had to chat it over with Seth about 100 times and just sit and ponder it all for a while.  With all this pondering it got me thinking – we are about to move out of our baby phase.  With no more little Alfino bambinos planned, keeping this beauty of a bag all to myself just felt wrong.  It wouldn’t get the use that it deserves – like our previous bags, it deserves to become part of the family.

IMG_1712 e

IMG_1740 e

So to win this gorgeous bag, here are the rules as usual:

If you feel like being awesome and tweeting about it or sharing on Facebook then that’s totally awesome, but only one comment counts per person and will be choosing the winner.


38 thoughts on “Momi Baby Bags – Review And GIVEAWAY!

  1. I’ve loved Momi bags forever Their Own Baby and Tweet bags are my favourite orite They are super stylish and I know first hand that finding a stylish bag is sooooo difficult and sharing with my little one for the first 2 years leaves little for mom in the way of style Amazing giveaway Holding thumbs 🙂

  2. Such a FANTASTIC GIVEAWAY! This has “Megs” written all over it! Hello! Oh please please please pick me ? I have liked both your and Momi Bags Facebook Page and shared it on Twitter too (@flutterbymegs)! The super stylish baby bag has captured my heart, and it is so stylish….just LOVE the O Baby! (Pink) 🙂 Fingers crossed! xxx

  3. Oh my, how gorgeous is this bag!!! I love the after dark one 🙂 *fingers crossed* I also thought I could juggle two bags (one for work and one for baba) but I am waiting for the day when I forget something important (like nappies or wet wipes) all the beautiful mommy bags are rather expensive and the cheaper ones are really not that great looking- this would be a totally amazing prize if I won! 🙂 🙂

  4. Oh yes please! I actually like the After Dark the most. Also lovely are the Moon over Shanghai and O Baby blue.

    My boys are now 2 and still ib nappies. We have been using a caboodle backpack that is now seriously falling apart and I can’t justify buying a new bag. Winning this would be awesome.

  5. I would love to win this for my daughter whose baby girl arrived on the 23rd. January. After Dark is my favourite and I know she would love it. I have, tweeted, pinned, shared to google and facebook. Now I sit with my fingers crossed! 🙂

  6. I absolutely LOVE the TWEET Momi bag. The colors are calming & relaxing & my little girl just love birdies. Would love to win this for her. My sister in law has one & the design is impeccable. x

  7. Gorgeous! My old bag from baby 1 is looking very tired, would love something special like this for baby 2. All the designs are lovely, but O Baby (pink) prob my favourite since I’ll be carting stuff for 2 girls.

  8. I love the after dark Momi bag- Its stylish & smart as well as neutral… Loads of pockets for mum & baby – I’m due with my first baby in August this year, & I have not purchased a baby bag yet, Would be ideal for the first baby …

  9. I’ve never found a baby bag that I wouldn’t mind leaving the house with (without looking like I’m going to preschool myself) so this makes a great change! I like the blue one

  10. Wow! I love this design what a beautiful bag it is. I love momi bags I’m always admiring their facebook page with all their pretty designs but this design by far is my favourite it’s so beautiful and so generous of you to give it away I would of also been sad to part with it and thank you to momi bags for sponsoring such a awesome competition on your blog. I would die and go to heaven if I won this stunning bag.

  11. Ah, so much style! I would LOVE to win this prize. My current baby bag is bright pink and I have a little boy, plus the husband is refusing to tote the bag around for me, stating it is “an assault on his manhood”! I would LOVE either the After Dark bag or the Moon over Shanghai bag. Done all the requirements, now, please choose me! 🙂

  12. I’m a first time mommy to be. This bag sounds incredible and so convenient. I haven’t found a bag that seems like it would stand the test of time. Hopefully this is what I have been looking for.

  13. Loving the fact that 12 years after my first child baby bags have become an accessory and not just a cheesy bag that has ducks or dummies all over them! Lol Momi bags are so awesome and fit my personality perfectly! If I could have one for every outfit I would! I love the grey Momi baby bag! Gorgeous!

  14. Currently 33weeks preggies with my first, a gorgeous little lady! We live in Africa after all, so I cannot imagine a sexier mommy bag than the CITY SAFARI design!! Thanx you for awesome competition!

  15. I have lusted over one of these since expecting my firstborn in 2008, i completely adore Moon over Shanghai and tweet, they are the most divine bags ever

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