A Public Service Announcement For All You Men Out There

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Everyone has an opinion about Valentines Day.

And I’m no different.  Only showing your love and support once a year is not enough, but not only that – spending crazy amounts of money on “stuff” just to fulfill some kind of duty (and maybe to make everyone else jealous) is not the way to go either.  My opinion is not unique I’m sure.  Just go onto any social media platform and you will have everything: Extreme displays of PDA, pictures of their “spoils”, pictures of food eaten, pictures of wine opened in love or to drown out the memory of it.  Either way, it’s everywhere.

This Public Service Announcement is not anything like the last one (thank goodness).  This one is specifically for the men out there.  (Yes, I’m generalizing and only attacking men here – but you’ll thank me because I am about to decode women for you).

Note – If you and your partner already have date plans and you’ve done flowers and chocolate and literally given your right testicle to be able to pay for it.  Good on ya – in this instance I am not addressing you.

I’m talking to you if you are reading this and your wife/partner/fiance/girlfriend/girl you’ve been checking out has told you that they are not expecting anything for Valentines Day and not to worry about it or you’ve not actually discussed it at all but you know that from years past, that she is not expecting anything.  Here’s the key thing to take away from this…


Besides the very few women out there who might genuinely be upset if you ignore that agreement, I do not know one woman that would not be overjoyed just to have a little something-something happen today. Just a little something.

All this being said.  I suppose that you have gathered that I am one of those women who professed the commercialism of it blah blah blah.  I know that Seth loves me, he tells me everyday.  He also shows me everyday in everything that he does for me and our little family.  But you know.  A little something-something.  Last year he did that little something-something that I still look at and laugh.  It’s not always about the money spent – it’s about the connection and the memories.  Well it is for me at least.

You may still think that I am lame to be doing this.  Maybe I am.  But in the World that we live in right now and with everyone parading how in love and happy they are (even though they may not really be), it can sometimes make you feel a bit left out – especially when you are not even single.  (There is nothing wrong with being single.  Seriously.  Don’t take that the wrong way.  If you are single and feel like spreading some love – there’s no stopping you from doing these things with your girlfriends.)

Here are a few ideas for a little something-something that you can do that any woman (especially Moms) would enjoy (PLUS you might even be able to do it in your lunch break at work and make it seem like this was your plan all along!) – and they don’t have to break the bank:

  • Make your own card – all it takes is 10 minutes (maybe a bit more if you are as creative as I am – which is not creative at all).  Doodling your own pictures and words onto paper mean way more than a generic store bought card with your name at the bottom.
  • Babysit the kids while she takes a long hot bath – this doesn’t include letting them bang against the bathroom door while she’s in there.  Throw in some wine and you may be just as well treated later that evening.
  • Order in some dinner and then whip out some DVD’s to watch – as parents going out is a super luxury.  But there’s nothing wrong with staying in.  Choose movies that you would both enjoy – make sure one is a sappy girly movie.
  • Stop at your local store and buy something she loves – if she loves dark chocolate then get the small Lindt 85% bar – it’s less than R10 but it’s the thought that counts here people.
  • Put your phones away and focus on each other – Once the kids are asleep set aside and hour to open up some wine/have some coffee and chat.  No distractions.  Your time is more valuable than gifts.
  • Jewellery goes a long way – It may be too late to order a custom item, but you can organise a voucher from Antique Fusion (my fav jewellery store) – there is no doubt that she will find something she loves there.
  • Make supper and put it in the shape of a heart – flip, I’m running out of ideas.  But you get the picture.

Anyway.  I hope the rest of your day is awesome – whether you are spoiled or not, know that we heart you over here at 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House!

What do you think about Valentines?  Do you have plans?  Do you have any other little ideas that show some love and care that can be added to the list?

6 thoughts on “A Public Service Announcement For All You Men Out There

  1. so true… My husband hates Valentines day and when we courted he would by me something. Although he does the random acts of buying me things… it is just the thought and a little something that counts. So sad to listen to everyone getting a little something. But, it is almost home time.

  2. Love this line… “Babysit the kids while she takes a long hot bath – this doesn’t include letting them bang against the bathroom door while she’s in there.”

  3. Forwarding to Gary, don’t think I should vent here but he doesn’t “believe” in valentines day what id I do? On another note he’s working tonight because they doing romantic picnics in a camphor tree forest BUT he doesn’t do valentines day… oh well 🙂

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