Finding Random Things On The Internet


Sometimes I get lost in/on the internet.

And I’m not only talking about the times that I wake up with a weird leg pain and after a bit of self webdicating, realise that I’m going to have to chop of my leg or just succumb to imminent death.  I’m talking about all that there is to see and read and learn.  There’s so much of it that you can spend and entire evening just flitting from one post to another site, back to another post, then searching what the heck they mean by cacao nibs and then find recipes, and stockists and and and.  Crazy.

A lot of it is just fluff and funny 9Gag stuff, but if you look closely there are some really good reads out there.  I don’t get a chance to read books (only because I prefer to blog and then veg out with Seth), but I really enjoy quick thought provoking content that you can often find on blogs etc.

I thought I’d quickly round up my most favourite things that I have seen on the Interwebs recently and you can tell me what you think?

  • Paige Kellerman’s blog is something I look forward to reading in the morning.  She is so flipping funny – if only I could be as funny as her.  Anyway – totally loved this post about Kicking The Bottle.  Her way with words just has me giggling at how real it all is and her amazing ability to find the humour in the hard seasons of parenting.
  • Often we go through “the dark days” as we like to call them.  You know those days when parenting is just really hard, and everything just seems to be going wrong and no matter how hard you try you just can’t help but shout at your kids.  Well here’s another Kellerman classic.  (Seriously add her to your blog reader – you won’t be sorry).
  • I read this post about how this wife just stopped talking to her husband.  It was quite an eye opener for me (because I spend a large part of my day at work and the rest connected to various lines of social media – in fact my phone is hardly ever too far out of reach, you know, just in case).  How easy is it to just live around one another and not let them in to every little bit of your lives because it’s too much effort to fill them in and you’ve run out of time to chat.  Just the other day Seth was telling me how I haven’t filled him in on the exciting things that have been happening on the blog and it’s so true.  I thought he wasn’t that interested.  So I told him about everything and it turns out that he was actually interested – who knew?!
  • This is a problem that I often face writing this little blog.  Writing things then deleting them.  Staring at the screen for hours, having so much going on but so little to be able to write about.  Look, I don’t mind sharing and I hope that I have found a fairly good balance over the years, but sometimes things just shouldn’t be out there for all to see.
  • Our new lifestyle change (read – not eating grains or dairy) has seemed to have a very positive effect on our family.  My skin is noticeably better but still along way off from where it should be and our kids are even starting to enjoy the starch and dairy free meals that I make for them.  Only Riya complains still and I will break her.  Watch this space.  Anyway, if you have been contemplating changing your eating plan because of your skin or you just want to know why everyone around you is cutting out grains – here is the scoop.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.
  • This one is for my fellow bloggers.  If you use images that are not your own please be aware that you are potentially setting yourself up for issues.  Check out this post.  It left me feeling really uneasy even though I use my own images 99% of the time.
  • Also, I WANT these chairs – they would look so hot in our garden.

Have you already read any of these posts?  What do you think?  And whose going to sponsor those chairs for us (just kidding).


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