Some Of This And Some Of That – AND A WINNER







Can you believe that a whole week has passed and we are already here about to announce a winner of the Dettol Giveaway?  I can’t – which is why this post is later than usual.

This week has been a bit manic.  Somehow I just don’t seem to have myself as “together” as I have manged the last couple of weeks, the worst being that I keep forgetting to bring lunch with me to work – so I am so dang hungry all day that it makes me want to EAT ALL THE FOOD!  Doesn’t help that Steers is literally just a couple of minutes away.  But so far so good, I’ve been able to restrain myself – for now anyway.

But anyway, it’s been so manic that I totally passed out last night while putting Knox to sleep and then when I finally woke up the last thing I felt like was sitting in front of my computer.  But anyway, I’m here now and  I have a winner to announce.

A big congrats to ROCHELLE!  Well done Rochelle, you were lucky number 11 according to  (You will have an email from me in your inbox shortly).

For those that didn’t happen to win this time around – don’t worry, I think we’ll be having some more awesome things coming your way soon.




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