We Got A Little Bit Creative – Finally

The kids rooms have been looking rather dull since we’ve moved house (Especially poor old Knox’s room, but that’s for a whole different post).

For the girls room, we managed to get all their stuff in, but that is kind of where we’ve stopped.  We couldn’t bring the pink walls with us and we just haven’t had the time (or the energy) to really get into the kids rooms to make them work properly and permanently put decor on their walls.

Basically – the ideas are plenty, but the motivation is lacking.

So in a effort to entertain the children over a couple of Saturdays and to motivate me to get it all sorted, I decided to take the plunge and get out some canvases (whose pictures got slightly damaged in the move), some extra acrylic paint (left over from the kids birthday paintings) and got started.

Part 1:

How To: Put on some art clothes that you don’t mind getting destroyed, spread out some newspaper, open up all the paint and then let the tiny people go crazy.  I think that the more abstract the background the better.  Once they are sure they are done, let it dry.






Part 2:

Grab all your extra buttons and bits (we accumulate all the bits and bobs that fall off the random toys or hair accessories that we always seem to have everywhere).  It works better if you can get the buttons in similar colours that would contrast well with the paintings.

Write out the letter of their name with wood glue and then let them plop the buttons onto the glue (I think I put it on a bit thick).  Then wait about a day or more for it to dry.









The Result:

Fun things to hang in the girls room when we finally get around to organising it properly.  In the meantime it’s sitting on one of my favourite pieces of furniture in the lounge – our Sofa Table that Seth made.




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11 thoughts on “We Got A Little Bit Creative – Finally

  1. That is a fabulous idea. Another idea is to make a collage using different shapes of pasta. That is next on the list for me and my grandchildren. You let them arrange the different pasta on board and then glue it down then paint it

  2. Absolutely stunning!!! Brilliant idea! Also I love that the girls had the same colours yet their choice of colour and application so different, showing their different personalities so well! I really love this Cindy, well done! I may just steal this idea 😉 xx

    • You can get cavases pretty much everywhere now (Builders Warehouse or most Plastic Shops) but if you are in Cape Town, Osmans (in Landsdowne) sells them really, really cheap. And the paint as well. I think it depends on the age of your baby, but we use acrylic (it does NOT come off clothes), but for their first birthday painting we just used finger paint and those still look awesome.

      • Thanks! Found the finger paint … Must still get canvas then we will be ready to go. So excited to see the end result.

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