To My Boy – Just Because




My sweetest Knox,

As I write this your Daddy is trying really hard to get you to fall asleep in your own bed, without being cuddled to sleep (as we usually do – no sleep training in our house, Mommy is too soft).  This change may be happening because you are growing up and need to learn to do this by yourself, although I suspect it’s because every time Daddy has tried to put you to sleep this week you’ve cried and cried until I came to rescue you and cuddle you to sleep.  Don’t tell Daddy – but you wanting me to be there for you so desperately, totally and completely melts my heart into a googy puddle of mush.


You see, being a Mommy’s Boy really isn’t such a bad thing – well for me anyway.

There are so many ways that you are twisting me around your tiny little finger and I thought I’d share them with you because you probably won’t remember them – although that may be a good thing.

When I get home in the afternoon to fetch you from Ga’s house, I’ve only just wrung the doorbell when I can hear you shouting “Mama” from the top of your lungs and you keep shouting it until you see me.  And when you do, you whole entire face lights up, your little dimple shins through and I know that I am loved by you.  And baby, you must know that I love you too!

When I get a moment to pull you onto my lap, we read books and you point to the same things over and over and over and get me to say their names to you, “zebra, giraffe, tiger, zebra, giraffe, tiger, giraffe, zebra, tiger”.  Some days when I am feeling rushed or pulled in too many directions I don’t get a chance to indulge you for very long, but this time that we spend together uninterrupted needs to be cherished more than it is.

Sometimes you wonder into the bathroom when I’ve forgotten to close the door and when I sneak up on you, the fright that you get is just too precious to explain in words.  You jump, then stop touching what you weren’t supposed to be touching and then bust out your dimple.  Parenting is made for these moments, I’m sure of it.

Music gets you moving like nothing else and whenever you hear it you start bopping along to it, although my favourite is when we slow dance and you have your little hand tightly grasping mine while your head rests lightly on my chest.  Not too long from now this will be reversed and I will not be wanting to let you go.

From entertaining us at the dinner table, to giving free kisses and high fives, to loving being chased, to crawling into bed with us in the morning and making sure that you snuggle right up close – you have my heart.  Forever and for always.


xoxox Mommy

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