Making Important Changes

I’ve been trying to think of cool little posts about the kids or something more interesting, but actually, when a big change is made in life, it has a tendency to totally take up ones thought process.  A blog about life should really include the true ups and downs that the journey may bring with it.

So, it’s been in the workings of my mind for a very long time, but I’ve finally decided to cut out all wheat and dairy from my diet.


Those that know me well will know how much of a challenge this is for me – give me a steaming cup of Milo (or even better a coffee milkshake) and you have a friend for life in me.  Some that have been telling me to do this for a while (Liz) will simultaneously laugh at me for taking so long but pat me on the back for finally building up the courage to do it, but either way it has to be done.

The reason?  It’s not be thinner, it’s not to fit in with these new “diet fads” taking over the internet and it’s not even to be healthier as such.

The real reason is my face.

My face that is so destroyed by acne that I wake up most mornings and just instantly feel depressed, sometimes I cry on my way to work when I have a particularly bad day.  Like yesterday, when it was so bad that it was actually swollen on the right half of my face.  No biggie right?  It’s just what every person that I see looks at.


The wheat isn’t too much of a big deal for me, I have been cutting that out since coming back to work.  Going out on the weekends has been hard because, restaurants don’t really cater much for “no wheat or dairy”, so I just indulge on the weekends when we do happen to go out.  I’ve also changed my make up and skin care regime (more on that once it’s really starting to work) and I’m really, really trying to jut drink more water and all that stuff that you know is good for you.

Judging by my swollen face, this is clearly not enough.

So from this week I am going all out.  Adding a cup of boiling water and lemon to my mornings and completely cutting out dairy.  Good bye Milo, goodbye coffee (until I can stomach having it without milk), good bye cheese…  Basically goodbye to everything that I love to eat.

What’s left?  Meat, fruit and veggies.  And lots of it.


Needless to say that I am sitting here with a mother of all headaches, feeling so sad about it all that I just want to grab a bowl and fill it to the top with chocolate ice cream and eat it in between stuffing a Steers burger (with chips) into my face.

Why can’t it just be easy?!

13 thoughts on “Making Important Changes

  1. I feel your pain, I had cystic acne! Touch wood it’s calmed itself down. I would suggest Roaccutane if all else fails. Good luck though. 🙂

    • I’m scared of Roaccutane – I have considered it numerous times, but there is just too much to consider (like having to go back on the pill which literally makes me a bit cray cray). Hopefully this will be the solution.

    • Thanks! Yes, I have done a very costly round with a dermatologist, but it never fully cleared. So this time I am going to try and stop it at the source 🙂

  2. Get yourself some Epsom salts and tartaric acid. Mix 1 teaspoon of Epsom salts and half a teaspoon of tartaric acid in a 500ml bottle of water. Take 2 -3 big sips of that a day (not the greatest taste) and after a couple of weeks you will be AMAZED at the change in your acne. My uncle had the kind of acne that made sores and swelling on his face and this did the trick. It’s one of those old wives treatments and so I tried it. LOTS of people have noticed the change it has made in my face since it has kicked all the junk out. It’s amazing 🙂

  3. I would really consider using Roaccutane, it really works and the acne doesn’t come back. If you are worried about the pill, why not consider getting a Mirena? It is the best thing ever as it has no side effects, is safer than the pill and with it you don’t have a period anymore which is fantastic.

  4. Eating clean will definately help you. I have maintained eating the Paleolithic way for more than a year now and my skin, hair and body has changed completely.
    The initial adjustment might be a little hard but once you are past the cravings you will be fine.
    Try for some food inspiration.
    As for the coffee, try drinking it with coconut milk or cream. Its really not that bad and your body will definately need the good fats that coconut milk gives you.
    All the best!
    Love your blog by the way….

  5. Oh Cindy, what a horrible thing to go through! My hubby has struggled with his skin for years and as soon as I got him eating better it’s made all the difference. Not that u want to knock more out of your diet but sugar increases inflammation so on a particularly bad day u may want to cut that out too 🙂 good luck, it’s hard work but also fun trying new thing and getting creative with what u are allowed (p.s there are so many good wheat alternative u probably won’t even noticed you’ve changed)

  6. so proud of you sis! you will not regret it! this is the beginning of your journey to blemish free and glowing skin (not to mention many,many other health benefits)! woohoo!x

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