Awkward Family Photos

Weekends are way to short.  

Just saying.

Seth decided to leave the house while it was still dark on Saturday morning to go and climb Table Mountain…  As one does…  Apparently.  Anyway, from the moment the girls woke up they spent a large part of their morning staring out of our dining room window at the mountain – trying to see Daddy.  After a while of craning their necks around and squinting their eyes, they gave up and tried shouting for him.  

I thought it was so flipping cute, although I’m not sure the neighbours felt the same way at 6 in the morning.

If I’m alone at home with the kids we have a little tradition.  We wait for Knox to go to sleep, then we whip out the paint and just put onto paper what ever is in our head.  Without fail Kyla will draw pictures of everyone in the family and not only that, she will ensure that she is next to Aunty Mia.  It’s been quite a privilege to witness the unique love that our kids have for Mia and Ben, cultivated over such short periods, but never fades while they are away from us – so evident in our family photo’s that we took.

We miss them so much.

When we spent our time in front of the camera we convinced Sue to take a couple of Awkward Family Photo’s of us – because, well – it’s hilarious.  Looking at these reminds how good the good times are and how much we miss you Mia and Ben!


The fact that EVERYONE is lying on the ground (including MA!) with arms under chins (even Riya) slays me.QD2A9744




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