Time To Suck It Up And Also, Surprise Photos

Sunday mornings aren’t really the time to talk about work.  Although if you really think about it, there is never really a good time to talk about work is there?


I have to start studying again.  *insert the image of me curled up and sobbing in the corner, chocolate and Nik Nak stains all over my fingers and mouth*

Basically, I need to get another qualification to be able to keep doing what I do, well the Medical Aid side of it anyway.  I know right?!  Flipping rules…  This means that for the rest of the year I will be dedicating all of my free time to studying and cramming my head full of facts about how to manage wealth.  Which I guess, could be relatively beneficial.

It’s going to be so great and I’m totally going to own it, because I have loads of free time to study in.

Seriously though.  As much as I am freaked out about it (I don’t like to do things if I know I can’t put my all into it and do it properly – failing would just absolutely crush my super fragile ego), I am still quite excited to learn new things and broaden my knowledge of the World.

So tomorrow I am going to be submitting my application and very soon thereafter you’ll start spotting spelling mistakes in my posts as I try and write them with one eye open at 3 in the morning.  One thing that I am not giving up, is spending some “ME” time on this blog, even if it’s not near as often as I’d like.  And also, I’m sure there’s a subject in there about Procrastination – which I will totally OWN!

But enough about sad, depressing things, let’s talk about a really awesome surprise that I got!

Somehow we missed some of the pictures from the family photo shoot that we did with Susie Le Blonde Photography and they were now waiting for me in a Dropbox folder.

Looking back at these pictures (that were really just the other day) I already see so much that has changed!  I really can’t believe how quickly they are growing up.  Kyla’s hair is shorter now, Knox looks totally different without all of those curls and it’s just scary that such small changes can make such a big difference in how they look and how we remember them.

Kyla, Riya and Knox (and Seth) you have my heart.  And everything I do, I do it for you!  (So remember that when I am trying to fit in studying between well… Everything!)












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