It All Turned Out OK

So the start of the new school year happened yesterday.

Just thought I’d tell you in case you weren’t on any form of social media yesterday or maybe you just scratched your eyeballs out because you saw the word “school” repeated over and over again and it brought back too many bad memories.

Either way it happened and we totally survived it.

Despite not having anything that the school requested on the list, having to change Kyla just before we left because her top was already dirty, forgetting their juice bottles (causing them to ask to go and live at Ga’s house because she remembers) and almost causing a huge traffic jam, we waltzed in there like it was 2013.


Riya went off to her new class first because her teacher cornered us in the corridor.  But I am so glad, she is a lovely lady and Ri immediately felt at ease with her, giving her a great big hug.  After finding her hook (she’s a monkey this year) she went back into the class and looked at her old class friends like, ‘Hello, I’m here guys!  Whose going to come and talk to me?”  Knowing that she was totally fine, we went in search of Kyla’s class.

Her class is totally cool – with so many cool areas for dress up and imaginative play but also just awesome areas to do so many things.  She went right in, we found her name tag (she is a peacock) and the first question she asked her teacher after putting her fruit in the bowl was, “Where is A*********”.  That’s her BFFE (Best Friend For EVAAAAAAR).  I can’t even explain how inseparable these two were last year.

She was pretty shell shocked.

So I tried to take her over to other kids that she knew and while she humoured me for a bit, she then took off her jersey, went to put it into her bag and then went off to play on her own.

Compared to last year – I didn’t take any pictures.  I didn’t freak out.  I didn’t cry.  And neither did they.  It was great!

This year though, I actually got a low down of how their day went:

Kyla – She played with H, but got a chance to meet up with A when they had outside time.  She also went up to her old teacher and gave her a big hug.  They didn’t paint.  She ate all her chicken and rice for lunch.

Riya – Not in the baby class anymore.  Her friend A is not in her class this year so she was a little bit sad.  But they painted (one hand lellow and one hand blue) so she was very happy.

How did your first day go?  Why don’t you post a link in the comments about your first day so we can all check it out.

5 thoughts on “It All Turned Out OK

  1. My eldest moved onto Grade 1, it was a breeze as he was happy and familiar with all the faces already. They were all in one class last year for Grade R. My little girl start crèche on Monday. Monday and Tuesday was bearable. Yesterday and today was awful awful. She cried as she realised this drop-off thing seems to be a daily occurrence from now onwards. Not a happy chappy and as a result neither am I!

  2. My son also started Gr 1 this year. I got a bit teary with the “dress-rehearsal” on Tuesday evening; but then pulled myself together yesterday. He was so happy with his new school, but still stuck to his friends from his creche. Hopefully, he would have branched out some today.

  3. Mine are still in creche but still have the normal holidays like “big school” Lil Mister started back yesterday like a champ! No tears or whining. After I spoke to his teacher he looks at her and says Mama must go work now then said bye like he was shooing me away!! lol LJ will start in Feb for the first time ever. I’m a little nervous!

    • Good luck for the first day in Feb! I think it’s worse somehow for the littler ones – makes it so real that you don’t have any little babies anymore.

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