School Today!

School starts today.

It feels like just the other day it was their very, very first ever day at school.  I guess time really does fly when you are having fun!

Oh, just to get it out the way, I am already awarding myself with the Worst Parent Of 2014 Award.

Sorry you guys, but that award is mine.  You don’t believe me?  Well let me just tell you that today I sent my kids to school with new school bags, packed with a semi-healthyish lunch (if you blur your eyes, the Nik Naks kind of look like carrots) but…

I didn’t send ANY of the stuff that the school actually asked for….  No paper, no books, no glue, no anything.  I honestly just lost the list of things to take and I emailed the school on Monday to ask for a new one, but it seems that they didn’t get it…  (I really did send it – I double checked just in case because I often do things like that in my mind, but forget to do it in real life).  Oh and none of the things that found their way into their school bags are labelled, except maybe the bags…

So you see, I win.

But anyway, the girls are so super excited to go back to school.  I’m trying not to take it personally.  Who knows what will actually happen today when I take them (check back in tomorrow, if we make it out alive).

I always wonder if I am going to cry when I drop them.  And then I wonder what it means if I don’t cry?

These girls (and Knox) are my all.  They have me wrapped around their tiny little fingers, but I really don’t get sad sending them to school.  You know what I think about school and why we send them so I can’t get sad about being alone at home while they’re at school (oh I wish).  But I guess I am sad that they are growing up, although school doesn’t really highlight that for me, that always presents itself in the little moments.






A lot of people have been asking me about the top that Riya is wearing in these pictures and it is from Sticky Fudge – it’s the Celine Top and in this hot weather it is really perfect.  I want one for them in every colour!

Oh and by the way, there is a R50 sale for up to 2 items online with Sticky Fudge!  Check it out yo.


One thought on “School Today!

  1. Haha And here I was worried what it meant that Lil Mister didnt cry when I dropped him off!!! lol I think it has just been a long summer holiday and they are all ready for play time with friends! Oh, and I forgot all his nap time stuff and his parents book!! haha

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